When Lee Kang-in left for Paris Saint-Germain in France, Takefusa Kubo’s ‘heyday’ began in the Spanish Primera Liga (La Liga).

In La Liga without Lee Kang-in, Kubo is performing unrivaled as an Asian player. Last season, Lee Kang-in and Kubo competed fiercely.

Lee Kang-in scored 6 goals and 6 assists in Mallorca and was evaluated as a top player in La Liga. He was the ace who lifted Mallorca, which was a relegation candidate, to 9th place in the league. Kubo played a big role in Real Sociedad’s 4th place finish, scoring 9 goals and 5 assists.

This season, Kubo went one step further.

La Liga has now progressed to the fourth round, and Kubo is at the center of the storm. Kubo got off to a good start by scoring one goal in the first round against Girona (1-1 draw). He scored Real Sociedad’s first goal of the season. And in the 4th round against Granada (5-2 win), he scored 2 goals.

Kubo ranked second in scoring with 3 goals in 4 games, following Jude Bellingham (Real Madrid) with 5 goals. He also had one assist. Real Sociedad is on an undefeated streak with 1 win, 3 draws, and 3 draws.

Local media said, “Kubo showed a step forward in growth. Real Socieda is on an undefeated streak, and Kubo played a big role. Kubo scored three goals and became the highest scorer in Japanese La Liga history. Kubo treated his teammates well. “He needs it, and he takes advantage of good positions. Kubo is a versatile player,” he praised.

Then, rumors of Kubo’s transfer already began to emerge. It is a ‘surprising transfer rumor’.

The first transfer rumor is that he could be a replacement for Liverpool’s ace Mohamed Salah. Salah received a strong attack from Saudi Arabia’s Al Ittihad in the summer transfer market. But in the end, he chose to stay in Liverpool.

However, the Al Ittihad transfer rumors are not over. Al Ittihad expressed its will not to give up and will continue to pursue the recruitment of Salah. Al Ittihad has raised Salah’s transfer fee to 215 million pounds (360.3 billion won), the world’s highest transfer fee.

Although they refused in the transfer market last summer when they could not immediately find a replacement for Salah, the prevailing view is that Liverpool will not give up this amount if they can afford to find a replacement for Salah.

In this situation, Kubo was named as a candidate to replace Salah. ‘The Athletic’ reported, “Liverpool is watching Kubo as Salah’s replacement.”

The media then explained that along with Kubo, Real Madrid’s Vinicius and Napoli’s Hvicha Kvarachelia were named as candidates to replace Salah.

In addition to being a replacement for Salah, there were also rumors of Kubo’s ‘return’ to Real Madrid. Kubo moved to Real Madrid in 2019, receiving expectations as Japan’s best talent. But he failed to prove his competitiveness here. He moved around on loan and transferred to Real Sociedad in 2022 without playing a single game.카지노

There is news that Real Madrid wants Kubo back, who has adapted perfectly and increased his competitiveness at Real Sociedad.

Recently, Spain’s ‘Sport’ reported, “Real Madrid is considering re-signing Kubo next year. Rodrygo, Joselu, etc. are not meeting expectations, so they are starting to take interest in Kubo again.”

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