One of the most notable outfield prospects in the upcoming 2024 KBO draft is Whimoon High School outfielder Lee Seung-min. Lee Seung-min is the son of Lee Byeong-gyu (Samsung Lions) coach Lee Byeong-gyu, a KBO league legend, and is a player who became famous early on. Lee Seung-min, who has a natural physique resembling his father’s and explosive athletic ability, is evaluated as having enough qualities to grow into a ‘5-tool outfielder’.

Lee Seung-min is aiming for the team championship by participating in the Presidential Cup National High School Baseball Championship. Lee Seung-min, who was silent in the first round of the tournament against Raon Classics on August 1st with no hits, contributed to advancing to the round of 16 with a timely triple run in the second round against Ansan Technical High School on the 4th. Lee Seung-min contributed to the team’s 9-6 victory with 1 hit and 1 RBI in the round of 16 match against Chungam High School held on the 5th.

Lee Seung-min participated in 17 official competitions this year and recorded a batting average of 0.339 / 21 hits / 1 home run / 16 RBI / 2 stolen bases / 12 walks / 14 strikeouts / on-base percentage of 0.440 / slugging percentage of 0.484. Lee Seung-min, who mainly plays center field defense, is showing his true value to the fullest with about a month before his rookie nomination.

Whimoon High School coach Oh Tae-geun said of Lee Seung-min, his student, “He is very good at hitting the ball with his left hand because he is not right-handed or left-handed, but left-handed. It is easy to hit the batting ball that easily goes over the large inquiry table in the school playground, which even left-handed hitters like Giraseong couldn’t pass. If he develops more contact skills, he has enough qualities to grow into a big star like his father.”

Lee Seung-min has to finish participating in the national competition before the rookie nomination by the end of the Presidential Cup competition. This is why the youth baseball team is scheduled to join at the end of August. So, his challenge to win the Presidential Cup became more desperate.

Lee Seung-min, who met MK Sports at the Mokdong Stadium where the Presidential Cup was held, said, “The President’s Cup is the last competition to participate in, so I am playing every day with a sense of urgency. He is concentrating on helping the team win even a little bit until the last at-bat somehow. He expressed his determination to participate in the competition, saying, “I want to graduate with the championship cup with my current friends as I have accumulated pleasant memories together over the past three years.”

I can’t leave out the story of Lee Seung-min’s father who always follows him. Coach Lee Byeong-gyu is serving as the head coach of the Samsung Lions this season. He also sent a message to his son, who is about to be nominated as a rookie.

Lee Seung-min said, “Recently, his personal record has not been good, and his father said, ‘Let’s just have fun without regrets. He told me that if I clear my mind from the few remaining opportunities and do my best, I will be able to finish with good grades. (Maybe I can go to Samsung and meet my father?) I haven’t decided where I’m going yet, so I won’t comment on that (laughs). I wonder if it would be interesting and interesting to meet as the opposing team. If I am on the same team, they will judge me with a higher standard.”

Lee Seung-min, who is expected to be nominated in the 2nd or 3rd round, wants to appeal the most to scouts and fans is his batting power and throwing ability.꽁머니지급

Lee Seung-min said, “Rather than expecting a nomination, it is first to show my strengths clearly. Batting power and throwing are the biggest strengths. He thinks the center field defensive ability is also good. I will show you that part in the remaining matches. He also emphasized that he is confident that he will show a tenacious attitude and mental strength so that he can become a player who leaves a definite impact from the first year of his joining.”

Lastly, Lee Seung-min said, “Until now, I had no choice but to follow my father’s name first and be compared unconditionally. Still, isn’t there a precedent for senior Lee Jung-hoo? Senior Lee Jeong-hoo is not the son of coach Lee Jong-beom, but now he has produced exemplary results as a second-generation baseball player whose name comes first. I will do my best to follow that path.”

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