Mourinho’s harsh words did not discriminate between opponents and opponents.

In the first round match of the UEFA Europa League group stage held on the morning of the 22nd, AS Roma defeated FC Sheriff 2-1, reporting its first win of the competition.메이저사이트

In the game, Coach Mourinho’s Roma achieved a new victory thanks to an opponent’s own goal and Lukaku’s winning goal in the 20th minute of the second half.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Mourinho said about this game, “It was a game I didn’t like. It was a miracle that we were ahead 1-0 in the first half. To be honest, we didn’t try to do anything to win in the first half. Our performance in the second half was poor.” “It was much better,” he said, unable to hide his surprise at the victory.

Regarding Lukaku, who scored goals in two consecutive games, he praised Lukaku by saying, “I thought Lukaku was more powerful when he started as a starter rather than as a substitute. I considered an early substitute out in the middle, but it was good that Lukaku was able to play for a longer period of time.” delivered a message.

Regarding Renato Sanchez, who left the stadium after just 28 minutes due to a muscle injury, he expressed his regret, saying, “He is a really great player, and he seemed to be in good condition today. It is unfortunate that he felt injured.”

AS Roma, who won after a tough game as he said, will return to the field in Turin on the 25th. It remains to be seen whether Mourinho, who scored two goals in a row, and Dybala, who is showing overwhelming performance after returning from injury, can break the team’s slump.

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