Who will be the best master in 2023?

The LG Twins and Doosan Bears will face off at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 14th and 15th. The last two games of the LG Twins’ regular season.

This season, LG showed off its spirit perfectly in the ‘Jamsil Rivals’ pride battle. The opponent’s record was overwhelming with 10 wins and 4 losses, and on the 3rd, they even confirmed the regular season championship. It has been 29 years since LG won the championship in 1994.

LG, which relieved the burden of the regular season by winning a direct ticket to the Korean Series, began inspections and condition management for fall baseball in the remaining games. In addition, he expressed his intention to actively help athletes with individual titles.

As the best team in this season’s regular season, individual titles were also placed throughout the top rankings.

In the pitcher category, Eric Peddy (NC) is likely to win three crowns, and in saves, SSG Seo Jin-yong (41) left an overwhelming record, so there was nothing for LG to consider.

The batting competition was fierce. Hong Chang-ki is 5 points ahead of Kim Hye-seong (Kiwoom, 104 points) with 109 points. Hong Chang-gi ranks first in on-base percentage (0.445), third in batting average (0.333), and third in hits (172). Batting average and hits are not easy to change.

In general, there is a place where the main character of the title is engaged in a battle that is unknown until the end in a predetermined situation.

Shin Min-jae was ranked first in stolen bases until September. Shin Min-jae, who has been attracting attention as an outstanding defender and pinch runner due to his outstanding power, has established himself as the starting second baseman this year with his batting ability. As his playing time increased, the number of stolen bases steadily increased, and for the first time since 10 stolen bases in 2019, he succeeded in stealing double digits, setting a career high.

It was thought that there would be no competition, but as October entered, dark clouds fell over Shin Min-jae’s reputation as the stolen base king.

While Shin Min-jae only succeeded in two, Jeong Soo-bin (Doosan) succeeded in stealing eight bases, leading to 38 stolen bases. On the 11th, against Lotte, he succeeded in stealing 2 bases and caught up with 37 bases, and with another success against NC on the 12th, he took first place.

Shin Min-jae is at a disadvantage in terms of game numbers. LG has only two games left against Doosan. Doosan must play four more games than this.안전놀이터

Jeong Soo-bin’s will is also extraordinary. Jeong Soo-bin smiled and said, “As we entered October, it seemed possible to chase down the top spot in stolen bases. Now that the water has come in, I’m trying to hit the ball.” He added, “Coach Seung-yeop Lee emphasized active base-running play when he came in. My sense of running has also improved a lot.”

Even after rising to first place in stolen bases in the NC game on the 12th, he showed his fighting spirit, saying, “The season is not over yet. I plan to play without letting down my guard until the end.”

Two games remaining. In order to win the stolen base title, you not only need to play on your own, but you also need help from Battery.

Whoever wins Shin Min-jae and Su-bin Jeong will receive their first individual title. Now, it only takes two games to find the protagonist.

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