Tottenham has changed dramatically.

Tottenham, who is in first place in the first 10 games of the English Premier League 2023/24 season, has been revealed to have made many changes in the game content. Football focused on counterattacks, where long passes were made from the back towards Harry Kane or Son Heung-min, is now a thing of the past.

They have become a strong team that not only dominates possession but also makes detailed passes and many touches in the attacking area.

Statistics prove this. FBREF, which provides various statistics related to soccer around the world, announced on the 30th that, as of the 30th, the team with the most ball touches in the penalty area and the team with the most forward passes in the Premier League are both Tottenham.

Tottenham has transformed into a team that mainly uses counter attacks after coach Mauricio Pochettino stepped down and coach Jose Mourinho came in in November 2019. The same was true even after coach Antonio Conte arrived in September 2021. Coach Conte used a back three as if to indicate that he was from Italy. This means that he focused on solid rear defense.

Coach Anzhi Postekoglou, who took office last June, is different.

FBREF reported that Tottenham is the team with the most ball touches in the opponent’s penalty area in the Premier League. Tottenham ranked first with 373 touches of the ball in the penalty area in the last 10 games.

Second place is unique. This is because Chelsea, who suffered a shock 0-2 loss in the home game against Brentford on the 28th, was named. However, it was significantly lower than Tottenham, recording 293 times. Third place is Arsenal with 289 ball touches.

The team with the most forward passes in the Premier League is Tottenham this season. According to the same media, Tottenham made a total of 571 forward passes. They pushed their north London rival Arsenal to second place. Arsenal has 505, which is 85% of Tottenham. Chelsea, who also fell into the middle to lower ranks, took third place with 467. On the other hand, Man City did not rank at the top in terms of ball touches and forward passes within the penalty area.

James Maddison’s presence appears to be a big reason why Tottenham has transformed into simple and cute soccer. Maddison has 3 goals and 5 assists in the Premier League this season, recording the second most offensive points at Tottenham after Son Heung-min (8 goals, 1 assist). He came to Tottenham from Leicester City last summer, and Tottenham’s signing of him has been a ‘act of God.’온라인카지노

Subsequently, the resurgence of Son Heung-min, who plays as a front-line striker while also playing as a team player, and the presence of defender Christian Romero, who is greatly helping in build-up from the back, are also reasons why Tottenham ranks first in various attack indicators.

As of the 30th, Tottenham is leading the Premier League with 8 wins and 2 draws (26 points), pushing Arsenal and Manchester City (24 points) to second and third place, respectively.

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