The Samsung Lions parted ways with Albert Suarez and recruited Taylor Widener, who was announced as a waiver in NC.

On the morning of the 10th, Samsung requested a waiver announcement from the KBO for foreign pitcher Suarez.

Suarez, who played an active role as Samsung’s main starting pitcher last year and recorded an average ERA of 2.49 with 6 wins and 8 losses in 30 games, continued to play a stable role as a starting pitcher this season. However, on August 6, he was replaced due to an injury to his left calf, and after that, he received a medical examination that said it would take 4 weeks to recover.

The Samsung Lions said, “Under the stance of not giving up on the rest of the season and doing our best until the end, we plan to minimize Suarez’s gap by taking over Widener’s contract, which was announced as a waiver in NC on the 4th.”

Widener, who was highly anticipated at the time of his recruitment as a power pitcher with a high speed ball speed of 155 km/h and a slider change-up curve, was able to come up to the first team only on May 28 after experiencing back pain during the demonstration game. There were ups and downs as his balance was slightly shaken due to the aftermath of his injury.

4 wins, 2 losses, 4.52 ERA in 11 games this season. NC, who was struggling with the’pongdangpongdang’ pace, made a decision to replace it after 4 innings and 3 runs against Hanwha on the 22nd in preparation for the postseason.

Eventually, on the 3rd, against the Lotte Giants, he was released despite a good pitching of 7 innings and 1 run. NC made a decision immediately after sluggish performance with 3 runs in 4 innings against the Hanwha Eagles on the 22nd of last month, and announced a waiver on the 4th. NC recruited Tanner Turley, a left-hander with good stability and durability, for a total of $200,000 as a replacement for Widener.

Coincidentally, after NC decided to part ways, Widener played brilliantly in two games. Following 2 runs in 6 innings against KT on the 28th of last month, 4 hits in 7 innings, no 4 balls, 8 strikeouts and 1 run against Lotte on the 3rd, he succeeded in starting quality in 2 consecutive games and showed a rebound.

NC already moved quickly to recruit new foreign players, so there was no room for overturning the replacement decision.

Suarez’s sudden injury on the 6th, Samsung, who was diagnosed with 4 weeks, needed a quick void. At that time, all eyes were on Widener, who had just announced a waiver.

Originally a power pitcher, and the intensity of his last two games, he deserves a rebound. The reason he was able to make bold and quick decisions.

As the story went back and forth with Samsung, Widener also delayed his departure. He stayed in Changwon and waited for an announcement from Samsung.

NC got a little embarrassed. This is because they have to vacate Widener’s lodgings to the new owner, Tanner Tully. Because of the organization accumulated while playing in the same team, it is impossible to kick them out.

While Widener was staying, Tanner Tully entered the country, but luckily, the lines did not overlap as he left for Fukuoka, Japan due to visa issues. As Samsung officially announced the separation of Suarez and the recruitment of Widener, the accommodation problem was naturally resolved.꽁머니지급

The real difficulty starts now.

For NC, it is not very pleasant for Samsung to exceptionally take Widener, a foreigner who cannot play in the postseason because of the waiver announced after July 31st.

In terms of money, it’s a win. This is because Samsung took over the remaining annual salary to be paid to Widener, thereby preventing double spending.

However, the question is whether the widener, who will play in the Samsung uniform in the future, will be active. NC has no choice but to climb the line of comparison with the newly recruited Tanner Tully. Although he has weaknesses such as quick motion, there is room for a rebound as he is a power pitcher equipped with a top-notch fastball and sharp breaking ball. If you go to Samsung and suddenly do well, you can’t help but care about NC.

After Suarez’s waiver announcement, Samsung plans to finalize the Widener contract on the 11th.

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