Will Napoli’s Victor Osimhen (24) leave?

British media ‘Cut Offside’ reported on the 21st (Korean time), “One of the notable situations in 2024 is Osimhen,” and “Chelsea is already interested.”

Referring to Osimhen, transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano said, “Last August, Napoli made a very important contract extension offer to Osimhen. The largest annual salary in Napoli’s history was offered,” adding, “They are trying to persuade him to sign a contract that expires in the summer of 2025. However, the contract extension has not been confirmed,” he said.

According to reporter Romano, the possibility of Osimhen moving in January is very low. However, he says there could be any move after the season ends.

Napoli, seeing the potential of Osimhen, who is close to the rough, spent 70 million euros (about 100.3 billion won) in a transfer fee to recruit him in 2020. He was the highest transfer fee in the history of the Naples club and the highest transfer fee for an African player.

Oh Simen is an all-round striker with outstanding physical ability and goal-scoring ability. Despite his height of 186cm, he has quick feet and is strong in both aerial ball fighting and penetration. He is also very active and participates faithfully in his defense throughout the 90 minutes.

The stock price rose further last season. He scored 31 goals and 5 assists in 39 total games. In Serie A, he was the top scorer with 26 goals and 5 assists in 32 games. This season, he is still showing sharp form with 6 goals and 1 assist in a total of 10 games.

He received interest from Manchester United, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, and Chelsea in last summer’s transfer market. As a large transfer fee was set, he ended up staying with the team.

However, the possibility of Osimhen’s recent transfer is growing. This is because I was hurt by the recent controversy.

Napoli posted a photo of a coconut on Osimhen’s body on the club’s social networking service (SNS) account. A post containing racist content was posted, ‘I am a coconut.’ He even added the words ‘Please give me a penalty kick’ on Osimhen’s game. It was a post mocking Oshimen’s skills.짱구카지노

The angry Osimen side predicted a strong response, saying it would take legal action. Napoli explained in an official club statement, “We never intended to ridicule Osimhen. Light and playful expressions are often used on social media.”

Osimhen is upset with Napoli. There are also dissatisfaction with coach Rudi Garcia’s regime. This is why the possibility of a transfer has increased. His contract ends in June 2025. Chelsea is the most active in recruiting. The intention is to solve the scoring problem by bringing in Osimhen.

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