In the end, Paul Pogba (Juventus), who was Manchester United’s biggest lieutenant, is on the verge of ‘fall’.

Pogba’s current team, Juventus, announced on the 12th (Korean time), ‘Midfielder Paul Pogba was confirmed to have taken a banned substance in a doping test conducted on August 20th. He said, “I received a temporary suspension from competition by the Italian anti-doping tribunal.”

Pogba had mixed feelings at Manchester United and Juventus.

Pogba, a member of Manchester United’s youth team, had strong potential, but did not get a chance to play for Manchester United. He moved to Juventus. Pogba, who became the starting midfielder in the first season after his transfer, exploded to his potential.

He led Juventus to victory, and Pogba grew beyond Serie A into a world-class midfielder.

Manchester United made a love call again. In 2016, he was transferred for the highest transfer fee in Manchester United history of 89 million pounds.

However, he became a bad guy at Manchester United. By the third year of his membership, he had played around 30 games. He was fine for the third year. He played 35 games, scored 13 goals and provided 9 assists in the EPL league.

He had many injuries and made many critical mistakes. He is a defensive midfielder who has brilliant dribbling and excellent passing, but has had problems with his defensive involvement. He constantly clashed with coach Jose Mourinho.

He eventually parted ways with Manchester United, and in a very bad way. He went through a tug-of-war between staying and transferring, and eventually left Manchester United.

He returned to Juventus as a free agent without a penny of transfer fee. However, he only appeared in 6 games last season. It was an injury.메이저놀이터

It was a perfect trick. However, an astronomical love call from Saudi oil money came out. An offer worth a whopping 128 million pounds (about 213.7 billion won) over three years.

However, everything was lost due to Pogba’s use of banned substances. This is the downfall of the ultimate king of Gyereuk.

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