The bloody battle between Bucheon FC and Gimpo FC ended without a score.

Bucheon and Gimpo drew 0-0 in the 31st round of ‘Hana One Q K League 2 2023’ held at Bucheon Sports Complex on the 17th. This match, which attracted attention as a match between the 3rd and 4th place teams with 48 points, was tense and ultimately failed to decide the winner. Bucheon is satisfied with its six-game undefeated streak, and Gimpo is satisfied with its three-game undefeated streak, maintaining its ranking.

Bucheon took out the 3-5-2 card. Kim Bo-yong and Lupeta at the top, Choi Jae-young, Kim Ho-nam, and Kaz formed the midfield. To the left and right stood Kim Seon-ho and Jeong Hee-woong. The three-back team was made up of Lee Yong-hyuk, Nilsson Jr., and Lee Dong-hee. Beomsu Lee guarded the goal. Gimpo also faced 3-5-2. Lewis and Bae Jae-woo formed the top team, and Seo Jae-min, Kim Lee-seok, Kim Jong-seok, Jang Yun-ho and Park Gwang-il were at the waist. Kim Tae-han, Park Gyeong-rok, and Jo Seong-kwon formed the three-back lineup. Park Cheong-hyo put on goalkeeper gloves.

Gimpo coach Ko Jeong-woon, whom we met before the game, said, “Today’s game is very important. During the break due to lack of household expenses, I went to Yongin for 5 nights and 6 days and even went to a mini training camp in Yongin.” Coach Ko highly praised Bucheon’s power. Coach Ko said, “I have worked with coach Lee Young-min for a long time, and Bucheon is very good organizationally. As we made it to the playoffs last season, I gained confidence. I can see that they have a team spirit. That’s why they easily fall apart. They have the conditions to be a strong team.” did. He continued, “Bucheon’s strength is counters. We will attack them in the space behind us and infiltrate them. We are not in a hurry, so we plan to protect them from behind.”

The game is in the second half. Coach Ko said, “Bae Jae-woo has a lot of activity in defense in the first half. If he plays a good role in the first half, I plan to bring in Juninho or Pablo in the second half to give the team a chance to win. I’m also putting my hopes on Song Chang-seok, who hasn’t exploded yet compared to what he has.” .

Bucheon coach Lee Young-min said, “We were on a three-game winning streak before the break, but the gap between us and the team below has not widened much. We are playing the league under a lot of tension, so today’s game is important.” Coach Lee said, “Gimpo is a difficult team. They are a team that plays really hard, so it is not easy when you meet Kimpo no matter who you play against. The situation may change depending on how you attack Kimpo. In the second match, Kimpo will not respond well to what we have prepared. “I couldn’t do it. I think it will change a little depending on how the game is run from moment to moment.” When asked, “Have you prepared a special move?” he smiled and said, “We have players with mobility up front, so how we break through will be important.”

Regarding the absence of Ahn Jae-jun being selected for the Asian Games, “Jae-jun is an important player, but he was a sub until last year. I look forward to another star as good as Jae-jun.” “I wish I could climb up there by riding,” he said with a laugh.

Both teams focused on not eating in the first half. We focused on strengthening our defense. Even during the counterattack, weight was placed at the rear rather than increasing numbers. In the 10th minute of the first half, Lupeta jumped in to catch the ball that Nilsson Jr. passed from the back. But Kimpo’s defense was good. In the 14th minute, Nilsson Jr.’s header hit the defense. Gimpo fired its first shot in the 25th minute of the first half. Kim Jong-seok shot the free kick directly from a distance.

In the 36th minute of the first half, the closest scene to a goal occurred between both teams. Gimpo’s Park Gwang-il fired a sharp corner kick from the right. Jo Seong-kwon connected with a brilliant header. Goalkeeper Beomsu Lee made the save. Kim Tae-han jumped in for the rebound, but Lee Beom-su blocked it again. Bucheon looked for an opportunity with Jeong Hee-woong’s wonderful breakthrough, but the finish was disappointing. Bucheon had one shot and no effective shots in the first half. All three of Gimpo’s shots were effective shots.

Both teams entered the second half without any changes. In the first minute of the second half, Gimpo shot first. Kim Jong-seok’s cross from the right hit Lewis’ head. It was weak. In the 6th minute, Gimpo held the ball for a long period of time and launched an attack. Kim Jong-seok, who received Jo Seong-kwon’s forward pass, attempted a shot from in front of the arc. He was hit by the defense and he headed straight in front of the goalkeeper.

Bucheon and Gimpo made changes side by side. In the 10th minute, Bucheon replaced Kim Bo-yong with Kim Gyu-min, and Gimpo replaced Bae Jae-woo with Juninho. Bucheon launched a counterattack. In the 12th minute, Choi Jae-young connected with a powerful mid-range shot after Kaz gave up the ball. It went slightly over the goal line. In the 14th minute, Kim Ho-nam attempted a sharp cross during a counterattack. I was not connected to Lupeta and Kim Gyu-min.

Gimpo missed a decisive chance. In the 16th minute, Seo Jae-min fired a sharp cross from the left. Kim Jong-seok, who participated in the attack, attempted a volley shot without a mark. It missed the goal slightly. Gimpo changed two players in the 19th minute. Park Gong-il and Kim Jong-seok were removed and Song Chang-seok and Kim Seong-min were added. In the 21st minute, Bucheon missed a decisive opportunity. Lupeta was unable to catch the ball that came from behind, and the ball flown towards Kim Gyu-min. Kim Gyu-min hit a powerful right-footed shot. He hit the goal post and came out. Lupeta then tried to shoot, but it went up.스포츠토토

In the 28th minute, Bucheon’s Nilsson Jr. connected with a header from long distance. It took a strange trajectory and slightly missed her goal. Bucheon chose change. In the 29th minute, Kim Ho-nam and Kim Seon-ho came out and Lee Ui-hyung and Park Hyeong-jin came in. As soon as Park Hyung-jin entered the game, he fired a powerful left-footed shot. He digressed. It was towards the end of the second half and the two teams were back-and-forth. Counterattack followed counterattack. But the ending was disappointing. They could not overcome the strong defenses of both teams.

Gimpo brought in Pablo and Lee Sang-hyeok at the last minute, giving them one last chance to win. In a free kick situation in the 45th minute of the second half, Nilsson Jr. headed Kaz’s kick and volleyed the dropped ball, but missed by a wide margin. In the last minute, when Gimpo was in a corner kick situation, Lewis attempted a volley. The defense was hit and came out. In the end, the game ended in a 0-0 draw.

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