The team that Lee Geun-ho spent the most time with during his 20-year professional career was Daegu FC. He wore Daegu’s uniform for 5 seasons, including until 2023. And the team that has spent the longest time after Daegu is ‘Ulsan Hyundai’. Geun-ho Lee spent the 2012 season and the 2018-2020 season with Ulsan. His time in Ulsan was literally the best moments of the K-League for Lee Geun-ho. Ahead of Lee Geun-ho’s journey to Ulsan, which will be his last visit as a player this weekend, the second episode of Daegu MBC’s special ‘Lee Geun-ho’s Last Dance’ reminisces about Lee Geun-ho’s time in Ulsan.

Lee Geun-ho, who left Daegu and returned to Japan and returned to Ulsan  in the K-League
, had not been receiving attention in Incheon. At Daegu FC, he showed his true colors to the entire K-League and was even selected for the national team. Lee Geun-ho, who played as a top striker in Korea, received attention from K-League championship teams due to his elevated position, and also looked into advancing overseas. Lee Geun-ho aimed for Europe, but after experiencing many difficulties, he eventually lost his contract with a K-League team and decided to go to the J-League. Lee Geun-ho’s time started at Jubilo Iwata and continued at Gamba Osica, and three years have passed after many twists and turns. He showed good form in the 2009 season and played as a key player for the team, but failed to advance to Europe, which was attempted by the summer. In addition, the 2010 season was disappointing and he was eliminated from the national team. In Gamba Osaka in 2011, Lee Geun-ho literally had a great performance. Lee Geun-ho showed good form again in the J-League and joined the national team, but after growing concerns about resolving the military issue, he decided to return to the K-League.

Lee Geun-ho, who was about to return to the K-League in the 2012 season, had issues with the penalty incurred in the J-League and the compensation he had to pay to Daegu FC, his original domestic team. Lee Geun-ho, who resolved the penalty issue with the Japanese team in various contractual relationships at his own expense, and the K-League team that came back after resolving various complicated situations was ‘Ulsan Hyundai’, with which Lee Geun-ho shared his glorious time.

2012 AFC Player of the Year Lee Geun-ho, who returned to the K-League after leading Ulsan to an undefeated ACL victory,
is literally showing off his great performance as an upgraded version. He scored the second most goals of his career in the K-League and showed even stronger performances in the AFC Champions League. He scored 4 goals and 6 assists in 12 ACL games, and scored 1 goal in the Club World Cup, recording the most offensive points in his career this season. 

Thanks to Lee Geun-ho’s performance, the team also achieved the milestone of winning all ACL games without losing. It may be disappointing to finish 5th in the league, but dominating the Asian stage is a great achievement. The fact that Lee Geun-ho received the 2012 AFC Player of the Year award is certainly further proof that he was at the center of it all.

Based on his strong season in Ulsan, Lee Geun-ho is established as the national team’s ace. In an intense season, leaving Ulsan with the championship trophy, Lee Geun-ho enlists and leaves for Sangju Sangmu.

Returning to Ulsan…Stairs leading back to Daegu
Lee Geun-ho, who was discharged from Sangju Sangmu, is once again aiming to advance overseas. He decided to go to Qatar’s El Jaisi SC. He did not have much fun and returned to the K-League with Jeonbuk Hyundai. After playing for Jeju United and Gangwon FC, Lee Geun-ho returns to Ulsan Hyundai in June 2018. He has committed time with Ulsan until 2020 in a ‘2.5 + 1 year’ contract.카지노사이트

The speed of time was unstoppable, and player Lee Geun-ho’s play time began to decrease. Although he was disappointed to only finish second in both the league and FA Cup, he gave the team another trophy in the 2020 AFC Champions League, which was his last season in Ulsan. And this trophy will likely be Lee Geun-ho’s last trophy. After playing in the first team at Daegu FC in 2007, leaving behind 2020, which was his only scoreless season, Lee Geun-ho takes off the Ulsan uniform with which he had a deep connection and heads back to Daegu, which is his hometown.

Lee Geun-ho’s last time meeting Ulsan Hyundai, the team he has spent the longest time with after Daegu FC, as a player was at Ulsan Munsu Stadium, which he is also familiar with. Daegu has the jinx of not having a league win away to Ulsan. Will Lee Geun-ho be able to create a new history in Daegu in this place where many glorious memories overlap? Anticipation for the upcoming game on Sunday is growing even more as his final moments overlap.

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