In soccer, there are always many variables in underwater battles. Pitches are slippery, ball speed, bouncing, and a lot of things change. When it rains a lot, the floor is exposed and the control itself becomes a difficult environment. 

The 29th round of the ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ between Chungnam Asan and Gyeongnam FC, which was held at Yi Sun-shin Sports Complex in Asan on the 29th at 7:00 pm, was like that. The ground was uneven due to heavy rain before the match. The grass was completely exposed in front of the goal line. Although Chungnam-Asan Mountain, which had undergone repair work a while ago, was helpless in the rain pouring down in late summer. 

Sure enough, this worked as a variable. In the 19th minute of the first half, Chungnam Asan gave away the opening goal from Gyeongnam’s corner kick to defender Lee Chan-wook. The ball left Lee Chan-wook’s head and bounced irregularly right in front of goalkeeper Mun Hyeon-ho. Mun Hyeon-ho hurriedly reached out, but the ball rolled over his shoulder and crossed the goal line. It was a header shot that could have been blocked, but the slippery ball and bumpy road surface created variables. 

Chungnam Asan lost the match. After that, they pushed Gyeongnam, but it was not easy to break through the opponent who was trying to counterattack. Also, because of the irregularly bouncing ball, it was difficult to develop a smooth, fast attack. I had no choice but to aim for a shot in the air, but the opponent knew this. In the second half, manager Park Dong-hyeok put in Kim Hye-seong, a midfielder who is good at heading, as an attacker, but it did not have much effect. In the end, Moon Hyun-ho’s mistake led to the team’s defeat. Even this loss was his first loss on the professional stage. Moon Hyun-ho, who made his debut last season, played 4 games last year and 3 games this year and did not concede. 

The shock was great. According to manager Park Dong-hyuk, Moon Hyun-ho shed tears after the game. Coach Park said, “I cried when I high-fiveed after the game. I think I was upset because I thought I was able to stop it. I did well, I experienced this way and developed, I said it was a good experience. Hyun-ho is now 20 years old. I think you can grow well if you only accumulate experience.” 

Moon Hyeon-ho could not tolerate it right away. In his expression, various emotions such as self-reproach, self-reflection, and anger crossed. More than anything, I felt sorry for the team. Moon Hyun-ho said, “I am grateful that the coach said that I am growing like that. But I am a professional player and I have to achieve results. I feel very sorry for the coach. I want to work harder and deliver good results.” 

There was no excuse that it was because of the condition of the stadium. Moon Hyeon-ho showed his reflection, saying, “The ground is not really in a state where you can play soccer. However, if you make excuses, there is no end. 

I lost my first run as a professional due to a big mistake, but I finished full time without any additional runs. Regarding this, he said, “I thought that I could always lose points and always played the game. Even if I lost points, I thought I would try to keep my mentality as good as possible after that.” I will lose more. Then it will be negative for me and the team,” he explained the situation after conceding. 바카라

Moon Hyeon-ho started his professional life by joining Asan, Chungcheongnam-do in 2022 after going through Maetango, a famous youth club. At first, he wasn’t the famous player who was always called up for his age group. However, coach Kim Eun-joong caught the eye of him and he was selected for the U20 national team and went to the U20 World Cup held in Argentina last June. In the third match of the group stage, they made an excellent save against Gambia and finished the game clean. Coach Park, who saw Moon Hyeon-ho’s growth after a big tournament, recently gave him a chance to play. 

The first loss as a pro means that he is now starting his career in earnest. It is a great experience to endure a bumpy pitch rather than a solid road. The emotions Moon Hyun-ho felt today will make him grow even more. An official from Asan, South Chungcheong Province, told me that Moon Hyeon-ho is famous for his heavy training within his team. He has a good chance of becoming a good player if he adds experience to this position. As Director Park said, it develops like this. 

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