If Suwon rushes to appoint a coach and brings in a mediocre leader, Suwon will face a crisis again. Even if an outstanding manager is brought in, unless the club changes, there is a high possibility that the manager will not last long. Presenting a future vision, re-establishing the club’s management policy, and preparing fundamental reform measures are the most important and most urgent tasks that Suwon must do. What is the reform plan that the soccer team has pledged to prepare? Suwon’s fate depends on it.”

On April 20th, a reporter wrote, ‘Suwon’s next coach? This is the last part of the column called ‘Why I’m not curious’. It was when Suwon was looking for a successor to coach Lee Byung-geun. Unfortunately, the concerns at the time became a reality. New manager Kim Byeong-soo was fired. After 5 months.

Coach Kim made his debut on May 10th. He was stuck at 1 win, 4 draws, and 6 losses in 11 games, then won 2 games in a row, but then won only 1 game in 7 games and lost the last 4 games in a row. Bottom of K League 1 with 22 points. They are 3 points behind Gangwon in 11th place. Mathematically, we can avoid relegation. However, Suwon’s performance is the worst. His play is poor, but his stamina is a mess. Toward the end, many players complain of cramps and their mobility drops significantly. The training itself was lacking, and the players’ will didn’t seem that strong.

In the Daegu match on the 17th, the supporters’ patience reached its peak. Despite Suwon’s numerical superiority, they gave up the winning goal in injury time and lost. Suwon supporters exploded. A shout was heard to the Suwon players who came to say hello after the game, saying, “If you want to play soccer like that, go out and search.” Even though they were struggling in the relegation zone, the fans always shouted, “My love, my Suwon.” It was a moment that meant that passionate supporters, who were highly loyal and had no disagreement with the K-League’s best team, were starting to turn their backs on the team. Fearing the anger of supporters, the club chose to fire the manager again. Shortly after being appointed, they were fired, hired again, and fired again. Ultra-short-term extreme drug prescriptions are being repeated. The length of a director’s tenure becomes shorter and shorter the more it is used, like an empty roll of toilet paper.

Even now, the reporter is still not interested in who the next coach will be. Regardless of who it is, if Cheil Worldwide fails to seriously think about running the club and come up with a sincere vision, there is a strong possibility that dismissals will be repeated in the short term. Suwon supporters may not even want to think about it, but perhaps it is time to consider relegation and make the choice of rebuilding the club as a whole.

Albert Einstein said. “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is crazy.”

Ask Cheil Worldwide. Do you have the motivation to run the soccer team well? Have you really lost your competitive spirit to want to come in first place at all costs? Now, has Suwon, or rather Samsung, become a place where it is okay to be in last place?토토사이트

Didn’t you see the tears in the Suwon supporters’ eyes when they won after a long draw, when they beat defending champion Ulsan 3-1, and when they beat Gangwon and went on a thrilling winning streak? Repeating the same process without knowing the heat of those tears is a foolish act like planning for last place.

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