Will Sono be able to achieve its first win since its founding?

Goyang Sono will face Seoul SK at the Goyang Sono Arena on the 24th in the 2023-2024 Jeong Kwan-Jang Professional Basketball Regular League. Sono, which lost (89-110) against Wonju DB in the official opening game, is trying again for its first win since its founding.

Sono’s biggest concern is Lee Jeong-hyun’s poor performance. He joined the team late after attending the Asian Games. As a result of not being able to find his condition, he only scored 7 points, 3 rebounds, and 4 assists in the first game.

Coach Kim Seung-gi said, “(Lee) Jeong-hyeon is not in normal condition right now. It will definitely take time. He went back to his old self. He came back as a completely different person. I told him to start again from the beginning. He also has the stamina to play the game. “It’s not possible. I’m not able to use my abilities at all,” he said, expressing his regret.

Newly added foreign player Jarrod Jones has put in a good effort, but since Sono is highly dependent on Jeon Seong-hyun and Lee Jeong-hyun, other players need to work hard until they find their condition.온라인카지노

Regarding this, Coach Kim said, “(Kim) Min-wook is still not good enough, and overall, he is too accustomed to playing basketball with Didrick Lawson (DB), who played until last season. Now it is Jones. If he stays in the corner, the ball won’t come. The players “We need to move more,” he said.

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