Spain defeated the ‘champion candidates’ one after another and calmed Sweden, which caused a sensation, to advance to the women’s World Cup final for the first time in history.

Spain won a dramatic 2-1 victory after exchanging three goals in the last 10 minutes in the semifinal match against Sweden at the 2023 FIFA Australia/New Zealand Women’s World Cup held at Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand on the 15th.

Spain’s best performance was reaching the round of 16 at the 2019 French tournament. Although Spain was shaken by a crushing 0-4 loss to Japan in the group stage, they defeated both Costa Rica (3-0 win) and Zambia (5-0 win) to advance to the round of 16 as second place in the group. In the round of 16, they defeated Switzerland (5-1 win), and in the quarterfinals, they defeated the Netherlands (2-1 win), the runner-up in the previous tournament, and advanced to the semifinals.

Spain enjoyed the joy of tasting victory for the first time in history by beating Sweden. Spain was inferior to Sweden with 4 draws and 7 losses in the past 11 encounters, but they solved their han with today’s game.

Sweden aimed to advance to the final 20 years after the 2003 U.S. competition, but it lacked support. After advancing to the tournament with all three victories in the group stage, Sweden defeated the teams that were considered ‘championship candidates’ one after another. In the round of 16, they won against the United States, who were aiming for a third consecutive championship as the number one player in the FIFA rankings, after a penalty shoot-out, and in the quarterfinals, they defeated Japan (2-1 win), becoming the main character of a sensation. However, Spain, who lost to Japan, was caught in the back, and the final was frustrated. On the 19th, Sweden will play the 3rd and 4th place match against the loser of the Australia-England semifinal (16th).

Spain took the lead in the midfield fight and increased their possession. However, there was no goal luck as it was blocked every time by Sweden’s defense. The tense 0-0 game heated up in the second half. In about 10 minutes, 3 goals were exchanged, and the match unfolded like a drama. In the 36th minute of the second half, striker Salma Faralyuelo (Barcelona), born in 2003, who was substituted, scored the opening goal with a right-footed shot after the ball hit the defense in front of the goal.메이저사이트

Sweden launched a counterattack. In the 43rd minute of the second half, Rebecca Blomkvist (Wolfsburg) turned the game around with a right-footed volley to make it 1-1. Spain did not give up. One minute after conceding, Olga Carmona (Real Madrid) scored an additional goal with a non-stop mid-range shot from a corner kick, completing the score 2-1. Seven minutes of extra time were given in the second half, but Sweden had no choice but to watch Spain win without any significant attack.

As a result, Spain will face off against the winner of the Australia-England semi-finals at 7:00 pm on the 20th for the championship trophy.

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