While the Los Angeles Dodgers suffered a shocking second straight loss, fans rioted at the stadium and the police were dispatched.

The New York Post reported on the 11th (Korean time), “After Game 2 of the National League Division Series (NLDS) between the Dodgers and Arizona the previous day (the 10th), many fans got into fist fights throughout Dodger Stadium.”

The Dodgers lost 2-4 in the second game of the NLDS home game against Arizona held at Dodger Stadium in California, USA on this day. In the first game, despite losing ace Clayton Kershaw (35), they lost 2-11 and bowed out again.

In the SNS (Social Network Service) video cited by the media, there is a scene where two men got into a fist fight in a bathroom, and there was also a scene where a number of men got into a fight in the hallway near the audience seats.

Another video shows a man shaking his fist at a police officer who was trying to stop the riot. There are also fans who lie face down on the hallway floor and are subdued by police and security personnel. In the last video, you can see a woman standing in the middle of two men having a heated argument near a parking lot and trying to stop them.

The New York Post said, “It is unknown what caused a large number of fans to engage in physical fights, including fist fights, at different locations.” There has not yet been a press release from the Dodgers team related to this, so it is unclear whether anyone has been arrested by the police or whether any of them have been arrested. “We don’t even know if there are any injuries,” he said.

The Dodgers ranked first in the National League West Division with 100 wins, 62 losses, and a winning percentage of 0.617 in this regular season. It is a prestigious team with both talent and tradition, having won the first place title in the Western Division as many as 10 times in the past 11 years.메이저사이트

This fall, they received the 2nd seed in the league and were mentioned as one of the strong candidates to win the World Series, but they suffered two consecutive losses to Arizona, which advanced to the postseason through the final 6th seed. In two games, the Dodgers have given up 15 points while scoring only 4 points. If they lose one more time, they will be eliminated from the NLDS, which is a best-of-five series.

Game 3 of the NLDS will be moved to Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona and will be held on the 12th. Attention is being paid to whether the Dodgers, who are showing disappointing performance, will be able to bounce back.

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