The ‘2023 Seoul EOU Cup U-18 International Youth Soccer Tournament’ will be held at the main stadium of Mok-dong Sports Complex in Seoul from October 10 to 15.

The U-18 men’s national teams from four countries including Korea, Ukraine, Vietnam and Morocco will participate, and the winning team will be decided through a full league.

This competition is hosted by the Korea Sports Agents Association, supervised by the Seoul Sports Association, sponsored by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Shinhan Bank.

The title of the contest, ‘EOU’, is an abbreviation of ‘EARTH ON US’, and contains the will to promote the importance of a sustainable earth.온라인바카라

The organizers explained that it is meaningful for the participating countries to sweat together to create a stage for peace and harmony, as the participating countries share the common experience of experiencing the pain of division and war.

During the event, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) will encourage spectators to use public transportation and tumblers, as well as campaigns for environmental donations.

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