The second baseman who will succeed Hanwha’s star star, Eun-won Jeong, is growing rapidly.

Hanwha will play a three-game home game against KT at Hanwha Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 17th.

In the torrential rain, a player was practicing defense while making gunshot sounds.

Rainwater and beads of sweat ran down the face of ‘high school rookie’ Moon Hyun-bin, who caught coach Choi Yun-seok’s pungo.

Moon Hyun-bin smiled charmingly despite the difficult training and absorbed Coach Choi’s defensive know-how with his whole body.

Moon Hyun-bin, who has been in the spotlight since he was a rookie, has been on the first team stage since the opening entry and has maintained his position ever since.메이저사이트

He is playing in the most games among rookie fielders this year. As of the 16th, he has played 113 of 120 games.

He has the third-highest number of games on the team, behind irreplaceable Noh Si-hwan (120 games) and Chae Eun-seong (113 games).

In the beginning, he mainly played as an outfielder, but recently he played more days as a second baseman.

As he was a second baseman during his school days, he feels more secure playing second base.

He expressed satisfaction, saying, “When I played as a center fielder, I felt pressured because of the heavy training volume while practicing both infield and outfield, but now I can focus more by playing only infield.”

Hanwha’s next-generation second baseman, who will succeed Golden Glove winner Jeong Eun-won, is growing rapidly. Daejeon = Reporter Choi Moon-young /2023.09.16/

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