There is still a possibility of advancing to the postseason. This is only possible if you win.

The San Diego Padres won 5-2 after a close overtime match against the San Francisco Giants in the ‘2023 Major League Baseball’ held at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California, USA on the 28th (Korean time). They had not won a single overtime game this year, but they achieved their first win in 13 games.

The American media ‘San Diego Union Tribune’ said, “San Diego almost became the first team in Major League history to record 13 consecutive overtime losses. If they had lost, they would have been eliminated from the wild card competition,” and said that San Diego also avoided a dishonorable record. He said that he was able to maintain his hopes of advancing to the postseason.

With today’s victory, San Diego has won two games in a row. With a season record of 79 wins and 80 losses, they ranked 6th in the National League Wild Card. To advance to the postseason, you must rank at least 3rd. San Diego is 3.5 games behind the Miami Marlins and Chicago Cubs (tied at 82 wins, 76 losses), who are tied for third place. Fifth place is the Cincinnati Reds (81 wins, 78 losses). Although San Diego’s chances of advancing to the postseason are low, it is not impossible.

The ‘San Diego Union Tribune’ mentioned the possibility of San Diego advancing to the postseason. According to the media, San Diego must win all four remaining games. Additionally, Miami and the Cubs must lose all four games, and Cincinnati must not have more than one win. San Diego is holding on to a glimmer of hope for fall baseball.

“We’ve been working all year to show the true San Diego side,” said captain Manny Machado. “It took a little longer than expected, but we knew what kind of team they were, and we still had hope of making the postseason. “All we can do is to continue to do our best in the game,” he said, pledging to compete in the postseason until the end.

Other athletes also dream of a ‘miracle’. Garrett Cooper said, “I’m finishing the year on a high note. I hope a miracle happens over the next four days,” noting that he hasn’t given up hope for fall baseball.스포츠토토

There are a number of complicated cases remaining, but for now, San Diego must win all four games. And they are in a position where they have to watch the games of other competing teams. Attention is focused on whether San Diego will be able to receive an invitation to the fall stage.

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