The finals of the ’53rd Presidential National Elementary School Baseball Tournament’ co-hosted by Gangwon Ilbo, Korea Baseball Softball Association, Hoengseong-gun, and Hoengseong-gun Sports Association were completed.

Seoul Gadong Elementary School defeated Gwangju Daesung Elementary School 3 to 2 in the semifinals of the Taegi King League held at Hoengseong Baseball Park on the 16th. Seoul Gadong Elementary School competed for the championship with Gyeongbuk Daehae Elementary School, which defeated Gyeongnam Gimhae Elementary School 6 to 2.

In the Samil Park League, Daejeon Shinheung Elementary School advanced to the finals with a 6-1 win over Seoul Baekun Elementary School in the semifinals, and will face Chungbuk Seokgyo Elementary School, which defeated Busan Yangjeong Elementary School 5-4 in the finals.

The teams that stand out are Seoul Gadong Elementary School and Daejeon Shinheung Elementary School. Seoul Gadong Elementary School is the strongest team that won the National Youth Baseball Tournament and the Heungtaryeonggi National Elementary School Baseball Tournament invited by the President’s Office, and reached the finals of this tournament without exception. Daejeon Shinheung Elementary School is the winning team of the National Boys Sports Championship and was considered a strong candidate for the title even before the opening.안전놀이터

The Taegi King League finals between Seoul Gadong Elementary School and Gyeongbuk Daehae Elementary School will be held at Hoengseong Baseball Park Stadium A at 10 a.m. on the 17th. The Samil Park League final between Daejeon Shinheung Elementary School and Chungbuk Seokgyo Elementary School is scheduled to be held at Stadium B at 12 noon on the same day. Both games will be broadcast live through SPOTV, the host broadcaster.

In this tournament, over 3,000 aspiring Korean baseball players from 88 teams from 17 metropolitan cities and provinces across the country participated and competed in a tournament format starting on the 6th. In a good environment and weather, the aspiring Korean baseball players showed off their skills to the fullest and received positive reviews from the residents of Hoengseong County, officials of the Korea Baseball Softball Association, and parents.

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