Brazilian soccer star Philippe Coutinho, who was once ranked among the highest transfer fees in history, is heading to Qatar.바카라

Al Duhail announced on the club website on the 9th (Korean time) that it would sign Coutinho on loan from Aston Villa. The period is one year, the 2023-24 season.

Al Duhail is a prestigious Qatari club that has reached the top of the Stars League eight times. We also have deep ties with Korea. This is where Nam Tae-hee (Yokohama F. Marinos) has played for a long time since 2012 when he was with his predecessor, Lequilla. Currently, fullback Kim Moon-hwan, a former national team player, is active.

Al Duhail looked for alternative resources after the contract with Nam Tae-hee, who was in charge of the attack, expired. Al Duhail, who was looking for a worthy striker, succeeded in borrowing Coutinho for a season. Coutinho, who until recently played for Villa in the English Premier League, has now moved his activities to Asia.

Coutinho once boasted of an astronomical price. The total transfer fee paid by Barcelona to Liverpool for Coutinho in January 2018 amounted to 160 million euros (about 228.9 billion won). The basic transfer fee alone amounted to 120 million euros (about 171.7 billion won), and all options worth 40 million euros (about 57.2 billion won) were also activated.

That’s how much Coutinho was a player who worked magic on the pitch. He played as a wing forward not only in the second line but also in the front line, and had an outstanding ability to help his teammates score and finish the game himself. In particular, the curling kick attempted by cutting from the side to the center showed off considerable accuracy.

It wasn’t worth the money. His life in Barcelona was promising. Coutinho, who was increasingly struggling to compete for the starting spot, suffered the humiliation of leaving on loan to Bayern Munich mid-way through his contract, which did not fit the bill for the highest transfer fee. Coutinho, who failed to revive even after returning to Barcelona, ​​was ultimately unable to avoid the stigma of a rare scam.

He eventually left Barcelona and moved to Villa. He attempted a comeback in the familiar Premier League. When he first joined Villa he showed signs of life. However, he soon lost his spark, and it was difficult to expect a rebound as he only scored 6 goals in 43 games for Aston Villa.

Moreover, Coutinho’s durability decreased significantly during his time at Barcelona. He has had a number of minor injuries that have made it difficult for him to compete at the highest level. In the end, he decided to go to Qatar, and now he is trying to make a comeback on the Asian stage.

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