FC Seoul defeated rival Suwon Samsung and won in 7 games. Ki Sung-yueng, who was disappointed with his previous performance, emphasized the importance of results.

Seoul won 1-0 in the away game against Suwon in the 29th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 held at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 4:30 pm on the 2nd. Seoul, which fell to 6th place, rebounded by adding 3 points and jumping to 3rd place. On the other hand, Suwon was unable to add points in 11th place, widening the gap with Suwon FC in 10th place.카지노

Ilyuchenko scored the first goal just one minute into the game, giving Seoul the lead. After receiving Park Soo-il’s cross from the right with his chest, his right-footed shot hit Kim Joo-won as he fell with his back to him and hit the net.

Seoul, which dominated the first half, suffered from Suwon’s offensive in the second half and faced the risk of conceding several goals. However, every time, goalkeeper Choi Cheol-won showed a good defense and escaped the crisis. There were several opportunities in attack, but the team failed to score an additional goal due to lack of concentration. Seoul could have achieved an easier victory if Han Seung-gyu’s shot that missed the goal at the end of the second half or Willian’s shot that hit the goal post in extra time had led to a goal.

Acting coach Jin-gyu Kim expressed his disappointment at the post-game press conference, saying, “I’m not in a good mood.” He said, “It was a very difficult game. It was a good game as expected from a rivalry game. The unfortunate thing is that I expected this kind of tendency to come out and told them to raise their line and play, but it didn’t work out well. That’s why I don’t feel good even after the second half is over.”

Veteran Ki Sung-yueng, whom I met in the mixed zone after the game, had the same thought. He said, “I think we could have improved more in the second half. We could have ended the game when the opponent was sent off, but it’s unfortunate that we missed the chance.” He added, “The game would have been much easier if the second goal had been scored, but we were impatient as we gave the opponent a chance. “There were aspects,” he said.

However, Ki Sung-Yong attached greater meaning to the results. He emphasized the result, saying, “I gained the strength to hold on. In the past, I would have conceded a goal, but I gained the strength to hold on.”

“It was the same last year, and even though we had good games and led the game, there were many games where we lost after scoring a goal at once. But what people remember is the three points. Of course, dominating the game and winning is the best result, but the content of the game “What is more important is the three points,” he said, adding, “Seoul still has a way to go in that regard compared to Ulsan, Pohang, and Jeonbuk. That’s why I say the goal is Split A.”

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