It is the heyday of Hannam University. Now, he is aiming for the ‘Grand Slam’ on the college football stage.

Hannam University, led by coach Park Gyu-seon, won the Taebaeksangi final match against Hongik University on the 27th at the Taebaek Sports Complex in Taebaek, Gangwon, 4-2. Hannam University won the first autumn competition since its founding. Hannam University won three crowns this year. Following the 59th Spring University Football Federation Tongyeonggi in February and the 18th 1st and 2nd year University Football Federation Baekdudaegangi held in July, he reached the top again.바카라

Hannam University showed great strength from the group stage. In Group 21, Dongguk University (5-2 wins), Suseong University (8-0 wins), and Calvin University (2-0 wins) were overpowered one after another. In the round of 16, they defeated Howondae 1-0. In the quarterfinals, they defeated Chosun University in a penalty shootout. In the semifinals, they beat Sunmoondae 1-0 and advanced to the final.

The last opponent was Hongik University. It was never easy. Hongik University also made it to the finals as ‘undefeated’ in this tournament. They were two teams on the rise. It was Hannam University that took the lead. Seo-jin Oh took the lead in the 2nd minute of the game. However, a defensive mistake gave the score to the opponent. He showed his concentration in a situation where he could slow down. Jeong Seung-bae (Hannam University) scored in the extra time of the first half to take the lead again. Hannam University continued its goal storm in the second half. During the counterattack in the 8th minute of the second half, Cho Hyun-Jun’s pass was finished by Bae Do-Hyun with a powerful mid-range shot, widening the gap to 3-1. Hongik University started the pursuit by scoring in the 15th minute of the second half. However, Hannam University’s concentration took the lead. In the 22nd minute of the second half, Hannam University Kim Min-jae fell due to an opponent’s foul in the process of breaking through. The referee immediately issued a PK. Jung Seung-bae, the kicker, scored and ran away again, 4-2. Hannam University cheered by winning both the lower and upper year competitions this year.

Head coach Park Gyu-sun said, “Hongik University is also a good team, so we won hard. It’s thanks to the players who worked really hard. I told the players, ‘We deserve to win,’ and they showed it on the pitch this time too. They followed the hard training well without complaint. I won the championship twice (this year), but when I felt it, I played harder than other teams. I think the result came out.”

Coach Park, who started as a coach in 2011, has been writing the history of Hannam University every year. He put his firm faith in the players at the forefront and saw results. He said, “It’s good to win with a two-goal difference, but I wanted to win without conceding any points. I’ve made countless goals (defense mistakes) during my four years of (build-up soccer). You shouldn’t burden the players with things like that. We prepared, but we can’t do it just because we lost a goal. We told the players, ‘Even if we make a mistake and score a goal, let’s do what we prepared.’

Hannam University’s challenge is not yet over. The tournament organized by the Korea University Football Federation has ended, but the season is ongoing. Coach Park said, “We still have the National Sports Festival left. We will work hard to prepare well so that we can achieve good results. We have greed for the grand slam on the college stage. We are trying to develop football with our own color.”

In the Baekdudaegangi final held on the 26th, Chung-Ang University defeated Jeju International University 4-1. Chung-Ang University won its fifth championship in four years since 2019 (1965, 1971, 1985, 2019, 2023).

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