There is news that England’s Manchester United is preparing to renew the contract with manager Eric Tenhag (53).

British soccer media outlet 90MIN reported on the 28th (Korean time) that “Manchester United plans to begin negotiations on a new contract with coach Ten Haag.”

It was July 2022 when coach Ten Haag took charge of Manchester United. The contract period expires in 2025, but according to reports, both sides have the option to extend the contract period for another year. There is a maximum of 3 years left on the contract.

Depending on the length of Manager Ten Haag’s new contract, there is a possibility that Manchester United will enter a long-term management system like during the time of Manager Alex Ferguson. ‘Legendary general’ Ferguson led Manchester United from 1986 to 2013.

Manchester United management appears to be quite satisfied with Ten Haag’s leadership. Regarding the reason for the rush to renew the contract, the media said, “Manchester United CEO Richard Arnold and others are very satisfied with Manager Ten Haag. They are fully supporting him despite his recent poor performance and off-the-field problems,” adding, “Manager Ten Haag is the right person to lead Manchester United. “I am watching. I support Coach Ten Haag even in the Jadon Sancho incident,” he said.

Coach Ten Haag was recognized for his leadership by leading Manchester United to third place in the league last season. Thanks to this, Manchester United won a ticket to the European Champions League. They also reached the top spot in the Carabao Cup, winning the trophy for the first time in six years.

However, there is a need to get out of this season’s slump. Manchester United has 3 wins, 3 losses, and 9 points and remains in 9th place in the league. These were victories achieved through hard work rather than overwhelming performance, and they also lost in head-to-head matches against teams competing for the rankings, such as Tottenham and Arsenal.

Manchester United also played a difficult game against Burnley, ranked 19th, in the 6th round of the league, losing 11 to 12 on all shots. Although they won thanks to team captain Bruno Fernandez’s winning goal, there were many problems in terms of performance.스포츠토토

Last summer, Manchester United made a flurry of signings, including Mason Mount, Rasmus Høirun, Andre Onana, and Sofian Amrabat. In the case of Hoirun, he is a promising striker who has not shown anything special yet, but Manchester United paid a transfer fee of 75 million euros (about 107 billion won) to bring him in. However, despite this full support, Manchester United fell into a swamp of slump. Criticism is also pouring in towards coach Ten Haag.

If Manchester United continue to perform poorly, management may change their minds. Manchester United will play a home game against Crystal Palace on the 30th. This is a must-win game to escape the slump.

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