Will Son Heung-min and Tottenham sign a final contract?

Britain’s ’90min’ reported on the 21st (Korean time), “Tottenham is trying to sign a new long-term contract with club captain Son Heung-min. His contract has more than 18 months left until 2025, but this newspaper reported that the club is seeking to sign a new long-term contract with Son Heung-min. “I understand that they have decided to extend the contract,” the report said.

He added: “Sources say an agreement is expected to be reached by Christmas, but could be finalized within a few weeks. South Korea international Son Heung-min is in his ninth season at Tottenham and is sixth on the club’s all-time scoring list.”

“Son Heung-min turned 31 in the summer, but he is off to a good start to the 2023-24 season, including scoring a hat-trick in a 5-2 win over Burnley in early September,” said new manager Anger Postekoglou. appointed Son Heung-min as the team’s new captain instead of Hugo Lloris ahead of the opening of the Premier League (PL). Tottenham wanted to confirm the relationship between manager Postekoglou and Son Heung-min before discussing a contract renewal, and the two have a good relationship. “The negotiations proceeded quickly,” he said.

Although ’90min’ is not a media outlet that provides reliable information regarding Tottenham news, it seems to be true to some extent that conversations are taking place between Tottenham and Son Heung-min regarding a contract renewal.

Reporter Paul O’Keefe, who is considered to be well-versed in Tottenham information, said on his personal SNS on the 9th, “Several informal talks with Son Heung-min have already taken place, and Tottenham is seeking to extend the contract with captain Son Heung-min.” It has been revealed.

As predicted locally, Tottenham hands Son Heung-min the terms of a long-term contract renewal, and if Son Heung-min accepts them, it is highly likely that it will be the last contract signed between the two sides. Son Heung-min, born in 1992, is now halfway through his career.

Son Heung-min was evaluated as a promising player when he joined Tottenham, but Son Heung-min, who has been with Tottenham for over 8 seasons, has now become a senior player in the team. He is the oldest among the current starting players.

Since Son Heung-min is still showing tremendous competitiveness in the PL, it is not the time to immediately consider retirement, but the possibility that his next contract will be the last in his career cannot be ruled out.

Even if Son Heung-min signs an extension for just two more years, which is already until the 2024-25 season, it will last until the 2026-27 season. At the end of the 2026-27 season, Son Heung-min will be 35 years old. No matter how much Son Heung-min he is, he cannot defy time.

Everyone hopes that Son Heung-min will continue to be active as a player for a long time, but for a 35-year-old player, there will naturally come a point where he will consider retirement.

From Tottenham’s point of view, if they set a condition for a long-term contract renewal, they are giving maximum consideration to the club’s legend, Son Heung-min. In general, it is not common to offer a long-term contract renewal to a player in his 30s. This will be a decision to make because Son Heung-min is that important.

It is expected that an increase in weekly wages can also be expected. Tanguy Ndombele, who is currently on loan to Galatasaray, receives 200,000 pounds (approximately 330 million won) per week from Tottenham, ranking first in weekly wages in the team.

Son Heung-min is reported to be receiving approximately 192,000 pounds (approximately 323 million won). As Son Heung-min’s importance has grown further, it is expected that the price will well exceed 200,000 pounds.

If the weekly salary exceeds 200,000 pounds, this is the highest treatment in Tottenham history. Tottenham once prepared 400,000 pounds (approximately 660 million won) to catch Harry Kane, but Kane did not accept the offer. The previous highest treatment was 200,000 pounds, which Kane and Ndombele received.

The reason Tottenham is rushing to renew Son Heung-min’s contract may be due to the approach of Saudi Arabian clubs. Son Heung-min received attention from Saudi clubs with oil money last summer. Saudi clubs originally planned to move for Son Heung-min after the 2023-24 season, but made the move in the summer of 2023.

It was a time when many players were opting for unconventional treatment and the trend toward Saudi Arabia was becoming stronger, but Son Heung-min did not even worry about it at all. He said, “I like the PL, and I think there is a lot of work left to do. [Ki] Sung-yong once said, ‘The captain of the Republic of Korea does not go to China.’ Money is not important to me now.” He said that he had no intention of moving to Saudi Arabia.메이저사이트

Son Heung-min went on to directly mention that he would remain at Tottenham, saying, “It is important to be proud of playing the soccer I love and to play in the league I love. There is still a lot of homework to do in the PL. I will return well and prepare.”

When I returned to Tottenham, I really had a lot to do. This is because Son Heung-min’s importance grew even more as his soul partner Harry Kane moved to Bayern Munich. Coach Postekoglou even entrusted Son Heung-min with the captaincy. It was the first time in Tottenham history that an Asian had served as captain.

“I knew Son Heung-min would be a great fit (for the captaincy),” Postekoglou said during a recent meeting with Tottenham fans. “I knew what he thought about this club and what his teammates thought about him. “I knew it would be positive when I told him,” he said, explaining why he chose him as captain.

He also added, “He made it public in a surprise way because I wanted him to experience it in that moment rather than tell him privately. It was a moment that needed to be shared with the people who mattered – the players. That was a really easy decision.”

Regarding this, Son Heung-min recalled the tense situation at the time, saying, “That day, it was the most nervous moment in my life because I had to give a speech to the players at that meeting. I looked back at the video and kept clapping while I was speaking.” .

“But it’s a real honor to be captain of this huge club and I’ll do my best to help the team do well. It’s very surprising, but it’s been a very special day for me. I’m trying to be a good example. All the experience I’ve had. “I have room to improve as a captain, but the players are making my job easier,” he said, putting his teammates first.

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