Liverpool, who are in a hurry to become a defensive midfielder, compete with Munich for the signing of Ibrahim Sangareh.

Football media ‘’ said on the 14th (Korean time), ‘Liverpool’s competition to sign Sangare is partly due to the news that Klopp’s coach Caicedo will join Chelsea. Liverpool will be disappointed to lose a player they’ve been chasing for a while, but PSV’s star could be a great alternative.’

Sangareh is a defensive midfielder that many big clubs have been steadily targeting. Dominating the midfield with his physical and athletic abilities based on his height of 191cm, he is an all-weather midfielder who can play the center, box-to-box, holding, and midfielders.먹튀검증

He enjoys defending using his long legs and is very good at keeping the ball and carrying it. Given these advantages, he has the ability to play the number 6 position that Munich requires very well.

He was rumored to be transferring from the 2021/22 season, and not only big clubs like Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool, but also clubs like Aston Villa and West Ham were aiming for him. Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Nottingham Forest are linked in the summer transfer window.

As far as is currently known, Sangareh’s buyout is 37 million euros (approximately 53.8 billion won). Liverpool is the most likely at the moment, but the variable is Munich.

French media ‘Foot Mercato’ reported on the 10th (Korean time) that ‘Munich seems to have begun targeting PSV’s Ibrahim Sangareh, considering that the possibility of signing Kefran Thuram is difficult.’

According to the media, Sangare is at the top of Munich’s list of signings for the number 6 position. Tuchel, who has not hidden his desire to sign a defensive midfielder, believes it is essential. So the competition between the two teams will be fierce and if Liverpool lose this time too, the blow will be severe.

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