Park Hang-seo (66), former head coach of the Vietnam national football team, announced the launch of a youth academy in Vietnam.바카라

After a long preparation period, former coach Park Hang-seo held an official launch event for the ‘Park Hang-seo International Football Academy’ at the Hanoi Press Club building in Vietnam on the 30th. 

Park Hang-seo International Football Academy put up under the slogan, ‘Children are the future of society’. It is the first academy in Vietnam to build an advanced youth system that collaborates with schools and educational facilities.

Former coach Park Hang-seo resigned from the Vietnam national soccer team on January 31st. Afterwards, former coach Park received offers from several teams, including a pro team in Indonesia, but he declined because of his relationship with Vietnam. 

Former coach Park has achieved unparalleled achievements such as Vietnam’s second consecutive victory in the SEA Games and advancing to the Asian final qualifiers for the first time in Vietnamese football history.

In particular, former coach Park made a decisive contribution to helping Vietnamese football, which was a periphery in Southeast Asia, overcome its rival Thailand and reign as the strongest player in Southeast Asia. Although he resigned from the Vietnam national team, coach Park is still treated as a national hero.

According to former manager Park Hang-seo’s management company, ‘DJ Management’, Park Hang-seo International Football Academy aims to expand the base of football from elementary school to transplant an advanced youth soccer system to Vietnam, where children experience and learn soccer.

Park said, “I hope this academy will serve as an opportunity to open a new and powerful grassroots football horizon in Vietnam. The name ‘International Academy’ was decided with the hope of getting out of the frame of Vietnam and gaining international competitiveness.” .

He continued, “I think that Vietnam can also rise to the top of Asia and the world only when it has international competitiveness. “I think this system will soon lead to the development of Vietnamese football,” he emphasized.

The event was also sponsored by Korean and Vietnamese companies. Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding, an affiliate of HD Hyundai, is with us as an official sponsor. Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding was established in 1996 as a joint venture between Hyundai Mipo Shipbuilding and Vietnam State Shipbuilding Corporation.

Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding has established itself as the largest shipyard in Southeast Asia through rapid growth, such as winning orders for more than 200 ships so far. It is also evaluated as the first and best success story of Korea’s shipbuilding industry entering overseas markets. 

In addition, Vietnamese sportswear company JGBL, student goods company Honga, and Dongdo Hospital will also participate as official sponsors of Park Hang-seo Academy. The following is the full text of Director Park Hang-seo’s speech.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who participated in the Park Hang-seo International Football Academy opening event.

In the Vietnam national team, I have been active with a sense of mission to develop Vietnamese football, and I have been looking for ways to repay the love the Vietnamese people have given me. 

It’s hard to bring about big changes on my own, but I thought it was my job to watch this situation with interest and speak out at the right time.

Asian soccer developed countries have developed academy soccer, and it is a system that mutually develops fair competition between professional youth soccer teams and academy soccer. The development of academy football in Vietnam is still lacking, so we hope that our Park Hang-seo Football Academy will open up a new and powerful grassroots football horizon in Vietnam.

We believe that Vietnam can rise to the top of Asia and the ranks of the world only when it has international competitiveness. Our Park Hang-seo International Football Academy will create an opportunity for young players to jump abroad by creating a program that can exchange overseas if they reach a certain level. I think this is what leads to the development of Vietnamese football.

With core values ​​of respect, love, and growth, Park Hang-seo Soccer Academy hopes that children will learn to respect and love others through soccer and grow into important talents in Vietnam. 

I hope that the small changes I am starting will lead to the development of Vietnamese youth football and further contribute to the educational culture of Vietnam.

We ask that you continue to watch over and support the academy. thank you

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