Jürgen Klinsmann (Germany), the coach of the Korean national soccer team, who was incensed with criticism due to the so-called stay-at-home/excursion controversy, has ‘finally’ set foot on Korean soil. It has been 45 days since I left the country on the 1st of last month. After completing the European away evaluation match, he suddenly changed his plan to tour Europe and returned home. Coach Klinsmann requested support rather than criticism until the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup in January next year, while also adding that he plans to travel overseas, including Europe, in the future rather than promising to reside in Korea.안전놀이터

Coach Klinsmann, who led the national soccer team’s two-game European away warm-up match (Wales and Saudi Arabia), returned home with the K-League players through Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the 14th. Until the afternoon of the previous day, Coach Klinsmann was scheduled to return home at the end of this month after staying in Europe, including watching a game against Bayern Munich, Minjae Kim’s team, but suddenly changed his schedule the afternoon of the previous day and returned home. Fans’ criticism of his working conditions was so strong that it even sparked a controversy over his neglect of work, and some voiced that he ultimately returned to his country with public opinion in mind.

Director Klinsmann said, “I came because I heard that many people were waiting for me. Many people in the Korea Football Association (KFA) also said that when the players return home after an overseas expedition, the coach usually returns home as well. “I thought about those things again,” he said. “Actually, I was planning to watch the game between Bayern Munich and Leverkusen this week, but changing the schedule wouldn’t be a big problem. I came here because I thought it was right to move with the national team. “We will meet you all at the K-League venue this weekend,” he explained.

He continued, “When I worked in Germany or the United States, I rarely had so many people welcome me when I returned from overseas. “It was a new experience to have so many people welcome me after a friendly match (rather than a competition),” he said. It was an answer that raised questions about whether the decision to return home was based on the recommendation or request of those around him, rather than his decision to return home, and whether he was not accurately understanding the critical public opinion surrounding him.

There was no sign of willingness to change future work patterns. When asked whether he would leave the country again, Coach Klinsmann explained, “I have a schedule to keep going back and forth (overseas),” and “There are games I need to watch in foreign countries, such as Europe.” This time, he returned home with the national team, but this means that he may leave again to watch European games.

Coach Klinsmann, who responded to the question ‘Public opinion is not good’ with an odd answer, saying, “The team atmosphere is quite positive and developing,” said, “Our benchmark is ultimately the Asian Cup. The team must receive positive public opinion and positive energy until the big competition. I think it is not too late to criticize, criticize, and criticize when you do not perform well or do not achieve the results you want in the Asian Cup. Of course, I think that when the results are not good, you have no choice but to take the test. “I think that’s the director’s destiny,” he added.

After taking office last March, Director Klinsmann stayed in Korea for only 67 days and spent the rest of the time abroad, sparking controversy over whether to stay at home or go abroad. This led to controversy over negligence, such as skipping the press conference announcing the national team roster and attending the UEFA Champions League group draw event. To make matters worse, since Coach Klinsmann took office, Korea has been mired in a swamp of five consecutive games without a win (3 draws, 2 losses). Recently, they managed to break their winless record with a 1-0 win over Saudi Arabia. The five-game winless streak in his debut is Klinsmann’s first disgraceful record since his predecessor took over. Coach Klinsmann will announce the October A-match roster early next month and then play two friendly matches against Tunisia (Seoul) on the 13th and Vietnam (Suwon) on the 17th.

The following is a Q&A with Director Klinsmann upon his return to Korea.

– How do you feel about stepping foot on Korean soil after about a month?

“I think it would have been better to see you all in England as well. I feel quite good every time I convene. I think we can find a lot of positive elements. We convened in March, June and this September. I felt a lot about how much progress has been made internally and the importance of going through this process towards the Asian Cup. “We are growing and improving as we play in Cardiff (Wales) and Newcastle (England), and we have shared concerns and discussions with the staff about how to prepare for the next convocation.”

– Why did you suddenly change your schedule to remain in Europe and observe the European faction?

“I came because I heard that many people were waiting for me. Aside from that, many people in the Korea Football Association also talked about it. I heard that usually when the players return home after an overseas trip, the coach also returns home. I thought about those parts again. Actually, I was planning to watch the game between Bayern Munich and Leverkusen this week. Changing the schedule wasn’t a big problem. So, I thought it was right for me to move with the team, so I joined. I think I’ll see you all at the K-League site this weekend.

When I worked in Germany or the United States, I rarely had so many people welcome me when I returned from overseas, so there are actually some new aspects. It is a new experience to be welcomed by so many people after a friendly match like this. “After hearing many stories this time, I decided to make some kind of change.”

-What is your next departure schedule? Do you have any plans to go abroad again after the international break ends in October?

“I have a schedule that keeps going back and forth. There is such a schedule because there are games to be watched in foreign countries such as Europe. There isn’t much time left until the October international match. After the game from England, the coaching staff and I analyzed the next opponents. There are only two friendly matches left. After the friendly games in October, the actual World Cup qualifiers will begin. I am constantly thinking about how to prepare, how to form players, and how to form a team. As soon as October ends, we will go straight to the World Cup qualifiers and the Asian Cup. I think we need to show better performance. With Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae rejoining this convocation, we received a significant boost and a lot of help to the team. Obviously, it will be important for the two players to continue working together in good health. As you can see, there isn’t much time now. Since there is not a long period between the end of the A match and the next convocation, I think we need to continuously analyze our A match opponents internally and prepare for the upcoming match.”

– Public opinion is very unfavorable. Have you heard this story from people around you, and if so, what do you think about it?

“We have a very positive and developing team atmosphere. In March, as you all know, we worked with players who participated in the World Cup. There were many changes in June and September after that. In June, with key players missing, we were put to the test as to how we should organize the team while hiring new players. As the team continues to change, new players join each time it is called up. I am trying to create a positive team atmosphere by worrying about how to harmonize with players who have not played many games before, and how to organize players and how to develop and grow in the process of getting to the Qatar Asian Cup. Every time the players convene, they gain a little more understanding of what the coaches want and how they want to run the team. I want to tell you about those positive aspects. 

There isn’t much time left until the Asian Cup. Our benchmark is ultimately the Asian Cup. I am confident and have high expectations that I will achieve good results in the Asian Cup. In the process, we clearly have to make progress and make changes. We must prepare for that process. Scouting must also be done to analyze the opposing team. The key is to prepare by analyzing the opposing team, analyzing the opposing key players, and watching the game. We are going through a process of developing and growing together in a positive way. 

At the association level and in forming a team, there are bound to be quite a few changes in preparation for the next competition after a big competition. There may be several issues in that change. It goes through several processes. It would be great if all aspects were satisfied at the association level and as a team, but in any case, I think we should be evaluated again when we go to a big competition and achieve good results.

This time, there is the difficulty of preparing for two consecutive competitions as the under-22 (U-22) and under-24 (U-24) national teams are convened. The same goes for national team A. I think it’s important how we grow as a team and how we finish the big competition and prepare for the next competition in this process. November is the most important. Starting in November, it is now time for real action. There were 8 A matches before that. “There may be many aspects that are unsatisfactory during the international match period, but in the end, we will prepare well so that we can have the best players and achieve the best performance in the Asian Cup.”

– Since his inauguration, he has been emphasizing winning the Asian Cup. Ultimately, what fans want, regardless of whether they live in Korea or overseas, is results, so can we think that their future will depend on the results of the Asian Cup? 

“I think the Asian Cup will ultimately become our benchmark. The same goes for the coaching staff. Players are also preparing with the Asian Cup as their benchmark. Of course, if the results are not good, the fans and the media in front of me will naturally ask me questions and criticize me, and I think I have no choice but to be put to the test. That seems to be the director’s destiny.

But I have a lot of experience with tournaments. Both as a coach and as a player, I have always greatly enjoyed tournament games. It was the same at the European Championship and the World Cup. By experiencing such tournaments, I have experience on how to prepare a team and how to organize a team. I have the intention to build a good team with a good enough appearance, and I would like to talk about positive elements.

The most important thing is for all players to reach the Asian Cup in good health. The same goes for Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae. When Hwang Hee-chan was called up this time, he had just recovered from a hamstring injury and was not in 100% condition. Lee Kang-in is also out due to injury. If the players stay healthy and prepare well, I think we can achieve good results if we go to Qatar as a top team with good teams and good players. I’ll say it again, but I think the Asian Cup will be our benchmark for now.

I think the team should receive a lot of positive public opinion and positive energy when preparing for the next competition after the competition. Only then can you achieve success. No matter how strongly we unite internally and how positive we show, if many people create negative public opinion or say negative things, the team is bound to be shaken. The German national team during the last Qatar World Cup can be a very good example. Germany received a lot of criticism right before going to the World Cup, and everything was negative. Everything surrounding the team was negative, and in the end, they suffered the humiliation of being eliminated (group stage) and going home. Players must receive positive elements and a positive atmosphere. In the end, it is the people’s dream to represent the national team, and it is the team that represents the country. Creating a positive atmosphere together will be very helpful to the team.

I don’t think it’s too late to criticize, criticize, and receive criticism when you don’t get good grades or get the results you want. What I want to say is that I think we can create a better synergy effect and bring about better results if we go all the way to Qatar and create a positive atmosphere with the players, coaching staff, and media as well as the fans. .”

– There is talk that the German national team is showing interest. If a real offer comes.

“For now, I will focus on bringing home the Asian Cup trophy. With so many people coming, I hope to be at the Asian Cup with all of you.”

– Did you take care of your Aaron Ramsey (Wales national team) uniform?

“Actually, I received it at the request of my son’s team physiotherapist (who is of Welsh nationality). I’m not sure if that became a big issue. The sad part is that after the story came out in the media, there were a lot of comments on his son’s social media. I find that part unfortunate. Not only Ramsey, but he also has many players’ jerseys at his house. “I would say that we have exchanged many uniforms over the past 40 years.”

– There is news that Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is trying to delay the selection period for the Xian Cup in January next year.

“I haven’t heard about that issue yet. Lee Kang-in said that he is still recovering. I also talked with PSG coach Luis Enrique about Lee Kang-in via text message. The Asian Cup is a competition that can be selected at the level of the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA). “I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.” 

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