Professional soccer K-League 1 (Won) enters the final round to determine the winner, Asian Champions League advancer, and relegation team.스포츠토토

Clubs in the top groups predicted fierce competition.

Coaches and players from the six K-League 1 clubs who have been working hard this season have gathered in one place.

The six teams that advanced to the top split, including Ulsan, Pohang, Gwangju, Jeonbuk, Daegu, and Incheon, will now play the remaining five games to determine their final ranking.

Of interest is whether Ulsan will succeed in winning two games in a row for the first time in the club’s history.

They currently have 67 points, 9 points ahead of second place Pohang.

<Hong Myung-bo / Ulsan coach> “We will do our best until the end. Our biggest goal is to have a star on the left side of our chest.”

Pohang is determined to tighten the reins of its pursuit after winning the ‘East Coast Derby’ against Ulsan next month, where its pride is at stake.

<Kim Ki-dong / Pohang coach> “The East Coast derby is a game that fans always want to win, and I want to go all-in against Ulsan, and I really want to beat Ulsan this year.”

Competition for AFC Champions League qualification, which is awarded to the third-place team in the league, is also fierce.

<Lee Jeong-hyo / Gwangju FC coach> “We’ve made a lot of noise and fuss. I want to make a lot of noise in Final A as well. I think we need to make a little more noise about how far we can go.”

Daegu’s Lee Geun-ho, who announced his retirement at the end of this season, was secretly hoping for help from Ulsan, where he had played in the past.

<Lee Geun-ho / Daegu FC striker> “I was rooting hard for Ulsan, where I played, under the precondition that we would win everything, and Ulsan would win.” “We beat all the other teams…”

Kim Jin-su of Jeonbuk, who had a lot of fun with the national team, responded playfully.

<Kim Jin-su / Jeonbuk Defender> “I hope Daegu loses. Then I think it will remain in Geun-ho’s memory for a long time…” The

fierce competition in K-League 1 at the end of the season will begin this coming Friday, with the matches between the six lower split clubs where the relegation team will be decided. .

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