LG celebrated first place in the regular season after the away game against Lotte held at Sajik Stadium on the 4th. After the game, they enjoyed the joy of winning to the fullest by wearing a T-shirt and hat with the victory phrase written on it and walking around Sajik Stadium holding the victory flag.

Lotte had to swallow its regrets after giving up its home stadium to LG’s banquet hall. While most of the Lotte players left Sajik Stadium, there was one player who watched the LG players alone. It was Lotte catcher Son Seong-bin (21).

After finishing the game against LG held at Jamsil Stadium on the 9th, Son Seong-bin thought about the situation that day. On this day, Son Seong-bin hit a timely hit with 2 RBIs, leading the team to an 8-1 victory.

In fact, Son Seongbin was a member of ‘Ellin (LG children’s fan)’ when he was young. Son Seong-bin, who was born and raised in Seoul, dreamed of becoming a baseball player while watching LG in the past.

However, seeing LG’s win as a player for another team had a different meaning.

Son Seong-bin said, “I didn’t see it because I was an LG fan, but I was curious about how the ceremony was held, and honestly, my stomach hurt. I think I often thought that it would be nice if Lotte could do the same in Jamsil.”

While watching other teams rejoice at their home stadium, Son Seong-bin pictured Lotte winning in his head. Lotte’s most recent win was in 1992. And it has become difficult for Lotte to advance to the postseason this season as well.

Son Seong-bin recalled the day when Lotte won the championship, and said, “I hope the young players, including me, will be there and achieve good results,” and said, “We will do well in the future, too.”메이저놀이터

In fact, Son Seong-bin is likely to become one of the key players responsible for Lotte’s future.

Son Seong-bin, who graduated from Jangan High School, was selected by Lotte as the first round pick in the 2021 rookie draft.

He played 20 games in the first team in 2021, and after resolving the military issue in Sangmu, he returned this season and made his name known after a long time. In particular, he caught runners with his strong arms and attracted attention as a potential candidate for the next home run.

Seongbin Son said, “I was crazy at first, but I met so many good people. He had a lot of experience and was really helpful. “This is my third year as a professional, and I think it will be a year where I have gained a lot.”

Lotte now has to look to next season. Son Seong-bin said, “I will try to win at every moment without getting hurt as much as possible,” and expressed his determination, “I will work hard so that I can win until the end and finish in a good mood.”

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