Hassan Rabia Al-Quwari, Executive Director of Marketing for the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup Organizing Committee, expressed his desire to meet Korean fans again through the Asian Cup, the largest festival in Asian soccer.

The Qatar Asian Cup Organizing Committee held a media conference regarding the sale of Qatar Asian Cup tickets at the Grand Ballroom of the St. Regis Hotel in Doha at 2 p.m. on the 9th (Korean time). At this event, reporters from various Asian countries, including Korea, Japan, China, India, and Malaysia, as well as reporters from the Middle East, gathered to receive explanations and Q&A on the preparations for the Qatar Asian Cup.메이저사이트

After this press conference, he met separately with reporters from various Asian countries in the mixed zone prepared by the organizing committee and expressed his feelings. Executive Director Al Kuwari urged many Asian soccer fans, including Korea and Japan, who filled Doha during the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup to visit this Asian Cup as well.

In particular, as Korean fans will have become more familiar with Qatari culture through their experience at the last World Cup, he delivered the message that he hopes they will have pleasant memories from the Asian Cup as well. Managing Director Al Kuwari said, “At the last World Cup, I was able to meet many fans not only from Korea,” and added, “Through the World Cup, I met many Korean players who are representing the national team from all over the world. Thanks to that, we had the same experience. I met a lot of Korean fans who now have , and I think Korean fans now also have knowledge related to Qatari culture.

He continued, “I hope that we can meet Korean fans again through this tournament in which the Korean national soccer team participates. This applies not only to Korean fans but also to fans from Gulf countries. If soccer fans want to have a similar experience to the last World Cup through this Asian Cup, “I really want to welcome them. I want to say that I welcome them to the stadium and to Qatar. And Korean fans will always be part of our community in Qatar,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Qatar Asian Cup Organizing Committee will begin selling tickets for the Qatar Asian Cup through the official website of the tournament from the 10th. The organizing committee set 25 Qatari Riyals (approximately KRW 9,250) as the lowest starting ticket price for the group stage, and adopted a policy of increasing ticket prices as you advance to higher rounds. The Qatar Asian Cup organizing committee plans to release ticket prices in stages in the future.

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