A new major league record has been set. The Arizona Diamondbacks hit four home runs in one inning for the first time in the postseason. The second-longest consecutive home run record (16 games) was a bonus.

Arizona succeeded in advancing to the National League Championship Series (NLCS) by winning 4-2 in a home match against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2023 Major League National League Division Series (NLDS) held at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, USA on the 12th (Korean time). did.

Arizona advanced to the postseason after many twists and turns. They beat the Chicago Cubs by one game, took third place in the National League Wild Card, and boarded the last postseason train. Arizona, entering its first postseason since 2017, defeated the Milwaukee Brewers in the wild card series and advanced to the NLDS. Afterwards, Arizona picked up the momentum and won three straight games against the Dodgers, securing a ticket to the NLCS. 

What is noteworthy on this day is Arizona’s record. Arizona hit four home runs in the bottom of the third inning with the game tied 0-0, setting a postseason record of four home runs in one inning for the first time. Gerardo Perdomo, who was the leadoff hitter, turned his bat around and fired a solo shot over the right wall when Dodgers starter Lance Lynn’s fourth pitch four-seam fastball was in the middle. With one out and no runner on base, Ketel Marte hit Lin’s cutter on the second pitch and hit another solo home run.

Once the water opened, Arizona’s batting line showed no signs of stopping. Christian Walker, who came to the plate with two outs and no runners on base, hit Lin’s cutter in the middle of the fifth pitch and fired a solo shot that went over the left field fence. Only one home run remains as a record. However, the record was not easily set. 

Gabriel Moreno, the follow-up batter, pushed Lin’s fourth pitch fastball in the middle of the strike zone at a favorable ball count of 2B-1S, leading to a solo home run that went over the right wall. Moreno slowly rounded the bases and returned to home. However, after Moreno hit the home run, the umpires, after a 4-trial agreement, declared a foul rather than a home run.

Moreno, who came back to the plate with an expression full of regret, hit Lin’s slider on the fifth pitch with all his might and completed clean back-to-back home runs to left-center field. As a result, Arizona recorded 4 home runs in one inning, setting the first postseason record in both the American League (AL) and National League (NL). And Arizona succeeded in continuing home runs in 16 consecutive postseason games, the second-longest record. 메이저놀이터

In an interview with MLB.COM after the game, Perdomo said, “I tried to find a good ball to hit,” and “I hit a home run with good contact, and the (home run) party could start.” Marte also said, “Something really crazy happened. I was trying to enjoy it at the plate,” and added, “We’re a good team. It’s not surprising.” Arizona manager Torrey Lovullo expressed his satisfaction, saying, “I could hardly believe it. No batter has ever made a home run on the next pitch after a foul home run. This is the quality of Arizona’s batters.”

There is now only one step left to the World Series. Baseball fans are paying attention to whether Arizona, which set a new record in the NLDS, will be able to confidently advance to the World Series. 

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