‘Alien’ Victor Wembanyama (19, San Antonio, photo) officially begins his invasion of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The official opening game of the 2023-2024 NBA is on the 25th when the LA Lakers face Denver. However, fans’ attention is directed to San Antonio’s home game on the 26th when Wembanya Ma makes his NBA debut against Dallas. Dallas is a team led by Luka Doncic (24), the ‘Slovenian express’ who came from Europe before Wembanya Ma.

Born in the outskirts of Paris, France in 2004, Wembanyama ranked first in average scoring (21.6 points), rebounds (10.4), and blocks (3.0) in the French National Basketball Association (LNB) last season, becoming the league’s youngest Most Valuable Player (MVP). ) was selected. In addition, he won 6 awards including Young Player Award and Best 5. And he became an NBA player by receiving the first overall pick in the rookie draft held in June of this year.

Wembanyama is 224cm tall and is taller than most centers, but he has the speed, elasticity, and flexibility of a guard, so he is called a ‘paradigm shifter.’ LeBron James (39, LA Lakers), the NBA’s all-time leading scorer (38,652 points), commented, “If other prospects are ‘unicorns’ (referring to extraordinary players), Wembanyama just looks like an alien.” It was pointed out that he would ‘be pushed back in a physical fight’ because his weight (95kg) is low compared to his height, but Wembanya Ma expressed confidence in the physical fight, saying, “Although the NBA is faster (than Europe), there is less physical contact.”

Wem Vanyama averaged 19.3 points, 4.8 rebounds and 2.8 blocks per game in his exhibition games, proving why he is considered the talent of the century. Even though the average playing time per game (20 minutes and 54 seconds) was less than half of the total game time (48 minutes), he ranked first among centers in scoring and first in blocks overall.

Wembanyama was especially flying against Golden State in the last exhibition game held on the 21st. The scene in which he recorded two blocks on defense in the middle of the first quarter, then immediately participated in a fast break and scored 9 points, including a dunk or a successful 3-point shot, recorded over 300,000 views on YouTube. CBS Sports of the United States said, “Wembanyama showed unrivaled skill and scale in NBA history in just 1 minute and 30 seconds. “He could be a perfect player.”토스카지노

Ahead of Wemban Yama’s NBA debut, USA Today published an article recalling the NBA debuts of ‘legends’ such as James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (76). James recorded 25 points, 6 rebounds and 9 assists in his NBA debut, while Abdul-Jabbar recorded a ‘double-double’ with 29 points and 12 rebounds. USA Today pointed out that Dallas, Wembanyama’s debut opponent, is a team with poor defense and said, “We cannot quickly conclude that Wembanyama will surpass Doncic right away. “But (Dallas’ poor defense) is reason enough to expect Wembanya Ma to do very well in front of his home crowd.”

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