This season, professional soccer team Gangwon FC started anew under the leadership of Kim Byeong-ji.

The goal was to get to 6th place or higher in the league, but now that the regular round is over, we have to worry about whether or not we will remain in the league.메이저사이트

We met Gangwon FC players ahead of the opening of the final round, where the bottom six teams will face each other.

Gangwon FC players are sweating hard in their final training ahead of the start of the final round this weekend.

Gangwon FC, which finished the regular round in 11th place out of 12 teams, will play five more games as part of Final B, a group of six teams in the bottom half.

If you finish 12th in the final rankings, you will be relegated to K League 2 next season.

Also, if you stay in 10th or 11th place, you will face a promotion match against the top team in K League 2.

Gangwon FC is determined to do its best to remain in the league.

[Hankook Young/Gangwon FC Midfielder/Captain: “All members are working hard right now with the goal of staying in the league. I think I can receive at least a little bit of compensation if I stay in, and I think that’s a courtesy to the fans…”] Gangwon

FC It is expected that it will not be easy to catch up with 9th place Jeju, whose points gap has widened to 9 points, after 5 games.

This is why Gangwon FC’s final two games of the season, against 10th-place Suwon FC and 12th-place Suwon Samsung, are most important.

[Lee Gwang-yeon/Gangwon FC Goalkeeper: “I think our biggest goal is to win all five games and survive in the final playoffs.”]

Gangwon FC was relegated to the lower league after finishing in last place in the league in 2013, 10 years ago. .

The fans, who cheered enthusiastically and recorded the largest paid attendance in history this season, pray for Gangwon’s success, saying they cannot repeat the nightmare of the past.

[Lee Ki-young Lee/Vice President of Gangwon FC Supporters Narsha: “We believe in the players. All we can do is cheer hard, so we will cheer hard until the end…”] Gangwon FC will face

FC Seoul in the final at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 22nd . The first match of the round is played.

Gangwon FC failed to reach their goal of ranking 6th or higher in the league this season.

The final five games to preserve the pride of remaining in the league are now coming to an end.

This is Jo Yeon-joo from KBS News.

Photographer: Koo Min-hyuk

Cultural Heritage Administration

announced today (19th) that it plans to register Sokcho Dongmyeongdang Cathedral, built in August 1953, as a national cultural property.

The Cultural Heritage Administration plans to confirm the registration of Sokcho Dongmyeong-dong Cathedral as a national cultural property as early as the end of this year after deliberation by the Cultural Heritage Committee.

Dongmyeong-dong Cathedral in Sokcho is evaluated as a heritage site that confirms the development history of Catholicism during the Korean War and well reveals the characteristics of the time and region.

The number of births in Taebaek City this year is expected to be less than 100 for the first time.

The number of births in Taebaek City, which is showing a rapid population decline, is expected to be less than 100 this year for the first time.

According to Taebaek City, the cumulative number of births in Taebaek City as of last month (September) this year was 70, or a monthly average of only 7.8.

This is a decrease of 2.7 monthly average births compared to last year’s total of 126 births, which was 10.5.

Accordingly, if the current number of births continues, the total number of births this year is expected to reach only 94, which is expected to be less than 100 in Taebaek for the first time ever.

Gangneung Traditional Market and Wolhwa Street Various events held

This weekend, various events linked to the traditional market will be held in the Gangneung area.

According to Gangneung City, the ‘Gangwon Traditional Market Excellent Product Exhibition’ will be held on Wolhwa Street next to the old KEPCO for three days from tomorrow (20th) to 22nd.

In addition, the ‘Golden Ratio 7:3 Somaek Festival’ and ‘Wolhwa Street Night Market’ will be held at Jungang Market and Wolhwa Street for two days tomorrow (20th) and the day after (21st) from 4 PM and 6 PM, respectively.

Donghae·Samcheok, park golf course expansion… Mureung Park Golf Course opens

A new park golf course will be built in Donghae and Samcheok City.

Donghae City will build ‘Mureung Park Golf Course’ with 3 courses and 27 holes on a 29,000 square meter site at 34-27 Samhwa-dong and begin pilot operation starting tomorrow (20th).

Samcheok City also plans to build new park golf courses in Miro-myeon, Dogye-eup, and Gyo-dong Living Culture and Sports Park by next year.

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