Los Angeles Angels Ohtani Shohei resumes pitching.

Ohtani will start the 2023 Major League Baseball game against the Cincinnati Reds at Angel Stadium in Los Angeles, USA on the 24th (Korean time).

Ohtani was dropped from the rotation after pitching as a starting pitcher against the San Francisco Giants on the 10th. He played every day as a hitter and even rotated the starting rotation, causing fatigue. Ohtani will be on the starting mound again in two weeks.

Ohtani recorded 10 wins and 5 losses with an ERA of 3.17 in 22 games and 130⅔ innings as a pitcher this year. He has 140 hits in 461 at-bats in 124 games as a hitter, with a batting average of .304, on-base percentage, .406, and slugging percentage of .659 with 43 homers and 89 RBI.

The American League home run king and MVP were virtually reserved. The key is whether the MVP is unanimous or not.

The concern is whether Ohtani can win Cy Young. There are 11 pitchers in history who have dominated the MVP and Cy Young awards.

Of course, it is unlikely that Ohtani will receive the Cy Young Award unless a major cataclysm occurs for the rest of the season. I wonder how many votes he can win against MVP.

The leading candidate for the American League Cy Young Award is Gerrit Cole of the New York Yankees. Cole is 10-4 with a 3.03 ERA in 26 games and 160⅓ innings.

Since Ohtani serves both as a pitcher and hitter, it is difficult for him to rotate with five players due to his physical strength. That’s why he has fewer games and fewer innings than his rival pitchers. The cumulative record (for example, strikeouts) is also lacking. This is a huge disadvantage in the Cy Young Young race.

‘Sporting News’ reported: ‘The Angels rotate their six-man rotation to give Ohtani another day off. So it is difficult for Ohtani to win the Cy Young Award. Regardless, Ohtani deserves a spot on the leaderboard. He leads the American League in least hits per nine innings and lowest batting average. Even though there are few innings, bWAR is tied for 3rd place,’ he highly praised Ohtani’s value.메이저놀이터

Subsequently, he did not hide his expectations, saying, “If the most important game of the season is to be entrusted to one pitcher in perfect condition, there will be many people in the baseball world who would choose Ohtani.”

Meanwhile, Ohtani faces Cincinnati for the first time as a pitcher. As a hitter, he recorded 4 hits in 10 at bats in 5 games with a batting average of 0.400 and an on-base percentage of 0.500.

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