The Doosan Bears made a ‘happy nomination’ for the first time in a long time with an unfamiliar number 2. Doosan, which nominated Incheon High School pitcher Kim Taek-yeon as the second overall pick, satisfactorily completed the overall planned nomination scenario.

Doosan selected 11 2024 rookie players in the 2024 KBO rookie draft held at the Westin Chosun Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul on September 14.

After calling Kim Taek-yeon in the first round, Doosan called Seoul High School infielder Yeo Dong-gun in the second round, Gyeongbuk High School infielder Lim Jong-seong in the third round, Daegu Sangwon High School outfielder Kang Tae-wan in the fourth round, Donggang University pitcher Park Ji-ho in the fifth round, Gangneung Yeongdong University outfielder Jeon Da-min in the sixth round, and Shinil High School pitcher Kim Moo-bin in the seventh round. Masan Yongma High School outfielder Son Yul-ki was selected in the 8th round, Seonlin Internet High School pitcher Kim Tae-wan in the 9th round, Jangchung High School catcher Ryu Hyun-jun in the 10th round, and Sekwang High School pitcher Ahn Chi-ho was selected in the 11th round.메이저놀이터

Doosan has been steadily observing Taek-yeon Kim this year and is targeting him as a strong candidate for first-round selection. Even if Jang Hyun-seok (LA Dodgers) remained, the plan was to nominate Kim Taek-yeon rather than Jangchung High pitcher Hwang Jun-seo. Rather, with Jang Hyun-seok declaring his intention to advance to the U.S. Major League, there was an atmosphere of joy within the club as concerns could be eliminated.

A Doosan scout official who met at the rookie draft site said, “If it was Jang Hyun-seok and Kim Taek-yeon, we were worried, but if it was Hwang Jun-seo and Kim Taek-yeon, we tried to select Kim Taek-yeon from the beginning. Looking at the rotation speed and vertical movement data, it was the highest level for any professional pitcher. The direction of future positions will have to be decided on site, but I think it will be closer to finishing than selection. He expected that he could grow up in the same style as KT player Park Young-hyun.”

The designation of infielder Yeo Dong-geon in the second round was also under the Doosan picture. A Doosan official said, “Anyway, we were planning to nominate the remaining players in the second round, leaving Cho Dong-wook and Yeo Dong-gun behind. Although Yeo Dong-geon is somewhat short in height, he is a very good player with the tools he possesses. He is an infielder with excellent hitting accuracy, power, throwing ability, and base running sense. “He is a resource that can be great at both shortstop and second base.”

Contrary to the perception that Doosan has abundant pitching resources this year, it has repeatedly nominated fielders in the upper rounds. In the third round, Gyeongbuk High School infielder Lim Jong-seong was selected by Doosan, and in the fourth round, Daegu Sangwon High School outfielder Kang Tae-wan was nominated by Doosan.

A Doosan official said, “We selected Lim Jong-seong solely for his batting position and saw him as a third baseman. Because he has a good arm, he was thought to be a long-term replacement for Heo Gyeong-min and Park Jun-young and was nominated. Kang Tae-wan achieved a cycling hit record and four blue dragon batting wins. “He is an outfielder with outstanding hitting qualities,” he explained.

Gangneung Yeongdong National University outfielder Da-min Jeon, who was selected in the 6th round, is evaluated as a high-quality resource among college outfielders. A Doosan official said, “Jeon Da-min was attractive because he went on to a two-year university and was a resource that solved military problems. “He wanted to select next-generation resources with the style of fast-moving outfielders like Soo-bin Jeong, Soo-bin Cho, and Tae-geun Kim.”

The pitchers selected in the mid to lower rounds were mainly left-handed pitchers. A Doosan official said, “We tried to focus on selecting left pitchers, but Cho Dong-wook was selected in front. So, we chose three left-handers: Park Ji-ho, Kim Moo-bin, and Ahn Chi-ho. Kim Tae-wan is a right-hander with good physical condition, so he was selected for his future. “Won Jong-hyuk (Inchang High pitcher), who I had originally thought of, was chosen right in front of me, so I took some time and thought about it before deciding,” he said.

Lastly, a Doosan official said, “Son Yul-gi was selected solely based on his strength. He is an outfielder who hit 5 home runs this year. Originally, I had planned to nominate a catcher, but I was also able to select Ryu Hyun-jun in the round I had planned. Overall, we strengthened all the positions we had planned. It was so comfortable to be nominated in the first place after a long time (laughter). “It was nice to have the luxury of not having to call time,” he said with a smile.

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