There are many hidden gems in the NC bullpen.”

Experts who analyze tracking data for 10 clubs do not hesitate to pick NC as one of the most underrated bullpens in the league. Although the name value may be higher for bullpen pitchers from other teams, it is because the NC bullpen is lined with players armed with positive data values.꽁머니지급

There are not a few young players who stand out in indicators that are not often seen by us, such as speed and vertical movement of fastballs, movement of breaking balls, extensions, and appropriate release points, which can be seen as leading indicators of performance. It won’t lead to everything sexually, but at least it could mean that the potential is plentiful. Considering the age of the bullpen pitchers who form the main axis, there are not a few people who are selected as the most anticipated bullpen for the next three years.

A representative player is right-hander Ryu Jin-wook (27). Ryu Jin-wook, who graduated from Busan High School and was nominated in the 2nd round (21st overall) by NC in 2015, was a promising player armed with a brilliant career during his high school days. After his joining, there were times when he did not play properly and struggled, but after gaining experience by playing in 44 games in 2021 and 51 games in 2022, he is exploding his potential this year.

Ryu Jin-wook’s grades this year are literally ‘the best’. It’s no exaggeration to say he’s performing better than any other middle pitcher in the league. As of the 9th, Ryu Jin-wook has played 42 games this season and pitched 41⅓ innings. His samples this season have been stacked to overflowing. In this sample, he had a ERA of 1.31, a batting average of 0.123, and a WHIP of 0.87. It is not at all a waste to attach the modifier ‘untouchable’.

Although he had good potential, in fact, it cannot be said that the potential carried over to the grades until last year. His earned run average in 51 games last year was 4.86. But this year, NC coach In-kwon Kang, his commanding tower, said that he is getting better as his fastball speeds up and he gains confidence in his ball. Even coach Kang said Ryu Jin-wook’s growth was amazing, so we can guess that he is a shock to other team players.

Coach Kang said, ahead of the Incheon SSG match on the 9th, “Ryu Jin-wook’s pitch has improved so much. The value of pitches, splitters, and cutters are now high. You’re doing well,” he applauded. This part suggests that Ryu Jin-wook is the most reliable player in front of finisher Lee Yong-chan.

Director Kang said, “(Compared to before), the ups and downs on the mound have decreased a lot. Once the velocity has increased, it seems that there has been a little more confidence there. The perfection of the forkball has also improved.” He is showing good pitching while showing a more confident and bold game.”

According to the tally of ‘Trackman’, which provides tracking data to 9 KBO league clubs, Ryu Jin-wook’s average speed of four-seam fastball last year was 147km/h. This was a fast enough ball, but this year it went up to 148.7 km. The player’s confidence can be doubled as he has already raised 2 km from a ball that is already fast. The speed of the cutter has also been improved to a similar level. Not only the velocity, but also the number of revolutions per minute (RPM) increased by about 60 times, and in the case of the curveball, the improvement in the horizontal movement is noticeable.

In other words, the ball is faster, the movement in front of home plate is better, and the angle of the breaking ball is bigger. It can feel very tricky for batters who would have had Ryu Jin-wook’s ball in their head last year. In particular, in the case of forkball, he often induces ground balls, so he is using it.

Following Ryu Jin-wook, there are quite a few NCs who are ‘worthy of bursting’. Kim Si-hoon, Cho Min-seok, Kim Yeong-gyu, and Kim Jin-ho boast a fastball movement that is above the league average. Based on ‘Trackman’, Ryu Jin-wook (152.3 km), Kim Jin-ho (152.1 km), Kim Young-gyu (150.4 km), Kim Si-hoon (150.3 km), and Lee Yong-jun (150.2 km) all recorded the highest speed of 150 km per hour or more. It is also characterized by the collection of young pitchers worthy of taking a hit. It was also interesting to see who would succeed Ryu Jin-wook. The dinosaur bullpen still has a little more to show.

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