Daejeon Hana Citizen challenges early confirmation of retention.

Daejeon, led by coach Lee Min-seong, will play the 34th round of ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ against Suwon FC at Daejeon World Cup Stadium at 4:40 pm on the 22nd. Daejeon is ranked 8th (45 points) with 11 wins, 12 draws, and 10 losses in the K League 1 regular round.먹튀검증

The final round begins now. Daejeon belongs to Final B Group. Even before the start of the season, staying was the primary goal, but Daejeon gradually accumulated points and aimed to enter the top 6. Unfortunately, we were unable to achieve our goal of placing in the top 6, but we were able to confirm that we had ample potential as a promoted team.

Daejeon is likely to compete in K-League 1 next season as well. In this season’s K-League 1, the 12th-place team suffers direct relegation, and the 10th- and 11th-place teams must play promotion playoffs. Daejeon is ahead of 10th place Suwon FC by 14 points.

Daejeon will be confirmed to remain as long as they achieve a draw or better in the match against Suwon FC. There are 4 games left after this round, and if we get 1 point against Suwon FC, the 14-point gap will be maintained. Even if Suwon FC wins all of its remaining games, it can only add 12 points. Therefore, Daejeon will not fall below 10th place.

The motivation is also clear. Daejeon lost to Suwon FC last month. The performance wasn’t bad, but we didn’t score any points. Since we are facing each other at home again, we are determined to win this time. Additionally, Daejeon recorded 1 win and 2 losses against Suwon FC this season. We also lost the first game of this season. It is a battle filled with revenge.

The key player in the match is Leandro. Leandro, who came to the K League stage in 2020, showed off his strong presence in his debut season and was immediately selected to the K League 2 Best Eleven. He joined Daejeon ahead of last season and is playing a part in the attack with his quick speed, dribble penetration, and unique sensible play.

Even after Daejeon was promoted to K-League 1 this season, Leandro is showing a cracking ability to destroy the defense. Leandro appeared in 20 league games and ranked second in assists, recording 2 goals and 7 assists. There is only one difference from Baekseong-dong (Pohang), who ranked first in assists. We are determined to increase our attack points in this game as well and ignite the competition for the assist title.

Daejeon welcomes fans with various events to confirm their stay. For the first time in the K League, global entertainer ‘Titan the Robot’ will be invited to Daejeon World Cup Stadium. Titan the Robot, created based on high-level robotics technology, has toured over 50 countries around the world over the past few years, delivering messages of dreams and hope to children. In addition, he has proven to be a high-quality performance show and is called a world-class star.

Titan the Robot will perform at the Nammun Square of Daejeon World Cup Stadium before the game, handing out the match ball, cheering with supporters, and performing at halftime. In addition, a science experience zone will be set up at Nammun Square where you can experience the mystery and joy of science through hands-on experience.

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