Coach Erik ten Haag stood in front of the reporters. 

Manchester United won 1-0 against Burnley FC in the 6th round of the 2023/24 season English Premier League (EPL) held at Turf Moor, located in Burnley, Lancashire, North West England, England, on the 24th (Korean time). Manchester United won after three league games, while Burnley failed to win five consecutive league games. 

According to the British media ‘TNT Sports’ on the same day, coach Ten Haag said, “It was clear. Of course we needed a win. We played a tough game against a good opponent. Regardless, it was a game we had to win today and we did.” He started crying. 

He continued, “The way we showed team spirit and fought together was impressive. It was a team where all 11 people attacked together and 11 people defended together. We helped each other. A lot of things were against us, including injuries and absences due to disciplinary action. Everything was against us. “Murphy’s Law is working against us. In times like this, we have to fight together and find a turning point. Today, I could see that the locker room was one. They fought together,” he explained. 

Regarding the scoring scene, he praised, “It was a fantastic shot by Bruno Fernands following Jonny Evans’ excellent pass,” and added praise to Evans, saying, “He brought peace to the team.” 메이저사이트

Finally, Ten Haag said: “Last year we had the most clean sheets in the Premier League. We were disciplined and followed the rules. 

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