A variable has been created. Ground conditions are not normal due to heavy rain in the Asan area. Normal play is impossible on a ground with a lot of standing water. Jeonnam had no choice but to change its strategy.먹튀검증

Coach Lee Minister said in an interview before the game, “This is not a situation where we will win through the normal route. We made a new change from the member we thought of. He did not hide his concerns, saying, “The downside of the away game is that we have to deal with 18 people as it is not the home game.”

He continued, “It’s raining a lot today, and although the motivation is good, smart play puts pressure on the opponent. “We asked for smart soccer,” he said, emphasizing smart responses to underwater warfare.

Coach Lee Minister added foreign ace Valdivia to the list of substitutes in this day’s game. He is still a key player who will lead Jeonnam to victory. He is currently leading the assists with 10 assists, and is 2 goals behind Gimpo FC attacker Luis (14 goals), who is the leading scorer with 12 goals. There is a high possibility that he can become both the top scorer and top assister this season.

Director Minister Lee said, “He has that much ability. He is a hard-working player. (Being the top scorer and assist winner) is a good thing for our team. “I plan to push people to be more conscious of it,” he said.

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