It’s a remarkable commitment. There’s a reason for his unwavering faith.

There is a foreign pitcher with the honorary nickname of “Dong-won Choi,” despite the fact that he comes from a different family, team, and race. It’s William Cuevas of the KT Wiz. Fans call him “Koo Dong-won” (Cuevas + Choi Dong-won).

It’s a nickname for a pitcher with a big heart for his team. That’s because he pulled off a miracle two years ago and led them to the championship.

This year, he returned to the KBO after a year and a half as a substitute foreigner. Upon his return, he showed his true colors. In total, he started 18 games and pitched 114⅓ innings, going 12-0 with 100 strikeouts and a 2.60 ERA. He quickly became the best pitcher in the league.

His chemistry with KT manager Lee Kang-cheol is remarkable. Lee looks to Cuevas whenever he’s in trouble, and he’s been rewarded.

Cuevas returned to the KBO after a year-and-a-half absence as an emergency call-up during the offseason. He made an immediate impact. He started all 18 games and pitched 114 1/3 innings, going 12-0 with 100 strikeouts and a 2.60 ERA. He was an instant winner.

Cuevas was stronger in big games. Despite the presence of Benjamin and Young-pyo Ko, I picked Cuevas to start Game 1.

The first result was an embarrassment, as he gave up seven runs (four earned) on six hits, including a home run, in three innings. His command wasn’t bad, but his pitches were shaky. The veteran Hwang Jae-gyun also made an error and was unable to hold on.

However, the manager’s faith was not shaken. “I saw the pitch count (75 pitches) in the first inning and made an early change. I told him to get ready for Game 4 right away,” Lee explained. Cuevas immediately understood the coach’s instructions without further explanation.

NC manager Kang Myung-hwa also said that he “expected it.” However, Pedi, who faced Cuevas in the first game, threw 98 pitches, and there were concerns about his return from injury. In the end, he was unable to appear in the fourth game, and the victory and defeat of the fourth game were decided here. 무지개토토

On the other hand, the trust in ‘Kudongwon’ was immediately rewarded. He pitched a great game. It is the destiny of an ace to take charge of the team’s fate in the Korean Series and elimination.

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