It’s a huge gain from a long-term perspective.”

The Hanwha Eagles relieved themselves of great worries as the baseball team won the gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. This is thanks to the fact that starting pitcher Moon Dong-ju (20), who played a key role in the final victory over Taiwan, and Noh Si-hwan (23), the team’s fourth hitter, received military service benefits. Since the key players of the pitching and batting teams have less worries about military service, it has become easier to determine the direction of the team. Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho, who met before the away game against Changwon NC Dinos on the 9th, also could not hide his satisfaction.

Moon Dong-ju and Noh Si-hwan returned to Korea on the 8th, the day after winning the gold medal. Moon Dong-ju went back to rest. This is because the Hanwha club limited his pitching innings to a maximum of 120 innings this season to manage his shoulder. On the other hand, Noh Si-hwan, who started as the third batter and third baseman on this day, traveled from Incheon International Airport to Daejeon, collected away uniforms, etc., and arrived in Changwon in the early morning of the 9th. Although he may be tired, Coach Choi also raised the flag due to his determination to participate in the game unconditionally for the team. Hanwha fans who visited Changwon NC Park welcomed Noh Si-hwan with great cheers and applause when he appeared.

Coach Choi said, “(Roh) Si-hwan said even before the Asian Games that he would come back and play right away because he has individual titles such as home runs and RBIs at stake,” and added, “Players who are willing to play should be allowed to play. He feels good and feels light and flies around. “The team will also be psychologically better,” he said. He added, “Moon Dong-joo also rested and prepared (before the opening of the Asian Games), and preparing like that may have had a positive effect on the pitch.”메이저놀이터

Moon Dong-ju recorded 8 wins, 8 losses, an earned run average (ERA) of 3.72, 95 strikeouts, and 42 walks in 23 first-team games this season. He consistently worked in the starting rotation and played an essential role for the team. Noh Si-hwan, who has already surpassed 30 home runs, is like a drop of rain in a drought for Hanwha, which has been having difficulty nurturing young hitters. Coach Choi smiled happily, saying, “In fact, there is a big gap due to the military service of key players, but it is also a great harvest from the club’s long-term perspective.”

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