Choi Byung-chan, who made headlines after breaking through the competition rate of ‘255 to 1’ in Seongnam FC’s open test, is writing another story in Gimcheon. After scoring his first goal of the season, he revealed that the support from the fans was an impetus.

Choi Byung-chan participated in the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 round 28 home game against Chungnam Asan FC held at Gimcheon Sports Complex at 7:00 pm on the 26th. He shook the net with a mid-range shot at the end of the first half, contributing to Sangmu Kim’s 4-0 victory.

Choi Byung-chan, who was selected as the Distinguished Player after the game, said, “I am very happy that the team won a great victory. I kept doing well, but I lost the last match, and I put a lot of effort into reversing that atmosphere. I feel good that the results of my efforts are coming out.”

Having scored his first goal of the season with a great shot, he said, “I practiced shooting a lot during training. Before the game, coach Seong Han-soo told him to try a lot of shooting, which is his strength. He looked back on the scoring situation, saying, “I tried to try when the opportunity came, and (Cho) Young-wook delivered a good pass, so I scored.”

This match was Choi Byung-chan’s third league match. Having suffered bad luck in the previous two appearances, he finally left a satisfactory performance. Choi Byung-chan said, “I played three games this year, and I was disciplined in the first game, and I suffered an eye injury in the second game.” He wanted to be of help to the team, but it was difficult because he seemed to be a negative factor all the time.”

He continued, “I am not discouraged and train hard, so the coach gave me a chance, and I am happy that I got good results. “I think this match will be a turning point.”

Choi Byung-chan, who enlisted in the army in June of last year, will be discharged in December of this year. Like other players whose careers were unraveled after Kim Cheon enlisted, Choi Byung-chan learned a lot here. He said that he grew up learning every day in Gimcheon, where national team players were herded.

Choi Byung-chan said, “When I started my military life, it was difficult. Still, from his seniority to now, his classmates and successors are really good players. He spent his military life with the idea that he was learning soccer, so it’s honestly not hard.” In the past, if I handled it quickly in an urgent situation, now I can choose a better pass or dribble with a cool mind,” he smiled.바카라

Prior to this season, Choi Byung-chan, who met with fans during winter training, revealed that the fans’ support had a great influence on him. He pondered as a player to repay the fans’ love, and thought that showing his best on the field was the way to reciprocate.

Choi Byung-chan said, “Starting 2023, I started winter training with a mindset. He was able to feel the hearts of the fans through the club event, and he thought about what he could do for the fans as a player,” he said. do. He responded with gratitude and gratitude to the fans.”

Finally, “To be honest, I don’t think I am a good player. I do my best every year, but sometimes the results are good and sometimes not. Whenever that happens, the club, the front desk, and the fans continue to support and believe in me. I want to become a player who plays for the team,” he concluded the interview.

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